Jane the Virgin Round Table: Sin Rostro, Unmasked!

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After weeks of speculation, Sin Rostro was finally revealed on Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 12, but is it who people were expecting?

Join TV Fanatic writers Ariana Guzman, Paul Dailly and Mary Kate Venedam as they discuss they events from this week's episode. 

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Jane The Virgin Round Table 1-27-15

Now that Rose has officially been revealed as Sin Rostro, were you surprised it was her?

Ariana: After Rose committed Luisa, I knew she was malicious. I mentioned in last week's round table that I suspected it was her and I was literally screaming at the TV "I knew it! I knew it! Vindication!" Also, the gorgeous actress who plays her also portrayed a wicked character on White Collar. I definitely take TV way too seriously.

Paul: Yes. That was the best twist i've seen on any show this season. I was so annoyed thinking it was Rafael's father, but when she sent all the cement his way, my jaw hit the floor.

Mary Kate: I was both surprised and not surprised. I was not as much shocked about Rose being Sin Rostro, I just accepted it. Though I did think Emilio's death was Rose's defense of her believing he was Sin Rostro. I didn't fully believe it until the letters spelled it out on screen.

Do you think there is more to Milos' vendetta against Petra's mother?

Ariana: She pushed Alba down a flight of stairs (which she recovered from in record time by the way!) so I don't doubt what she could be capable of.

Paul: I'm unsure. He's just re appeared in Petra's life, so it probably means he has an ulterior motive. It seems a bit harsh that he would throw acid over her, so there could be more.

Mary Kate: I felt that story wasn't fully finished. There must be more of a reason why Milos' thought it was best to throw acid at his girlfriend's mother. I haven't trusted her since we first met her.

Were you happy to see Jane and Rogelio bond for the first time as father and daughter?

Ariana: Definitely! I'm not ashamed to admit I shed a tear. It was incredibly sweet.

Paul: Yes. It took these circumstances for it to happen. The acting was excellent from both actors. The two of them are getting closer by the day. He will be an excellent grandfather to her child.

Mary Kate: YES! I loved their moment. It was nice to see them bond for the first time alone. It was so sweet and funny at the same time because you got to see just how different their personalities are and yet they obviously have this big connection.

Do you think Luisa was sincere in asking forgiveness of Rafael and Jane?

Ariana: It's hard to say. It's definitely possible but seeing how full of crazy twists this show is, I wouldn't be surprised if she had ulterior motives.

Paul: Not at all. She probably knows the truth about Sin Rostro. This woman will never be genuine about anything. I can't think of any other time she has been genuine.

Mary Kate: I would say yes, but the narrator's commentary throughout the scene made me second guess it. He kept saying how she was known to lie to get what she wants, so I don't know if she is trustworthy for now.

Will Michael's investigation of Sin Rostro cause more problems for his career now that Emilio is dead?

Ariana: Considering the fact that he illegally obtained evidence by posing as a patient, it's not going to be long before his career is affected. He might become more dogged in his pursuit and even if he eventually discovers the truth, he will lose his life, career or both in the process.

Paul: Yes. He is so sure it is Emilio, but if he can't track him down, who can he arrest?

Mary Kate: I think he is getting too wrapped up in the situation. He had been trying so hard to accuse Rafael, that he is now going deeper in the rabbit hole for the case, and that could hurt his career, especially since the one suspect he had will now have seemingly disappeared.

What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Ariana: My favorite moment was definitely the scene which intercut Rogelio's death scene and the staged death scene of Petra by Milos. Once I saw how gruesome it was, I knew she wasn't dead. It was really great stylistically and is proof of how amazing this show is.

Paul: Petra's faux death. My jaw actually hit the floor several times during this episode and I wasn't prepared to say goodbye to her. It was such a random chain of events.

Mary Kate: All of the scenes with Jane and Rogelio. I loved seeing Jane translate Rogelio's anger to the writers and Jane having an imaginary conversation with him as she wrote the death scene. But, nothing beats Jane calling Rogelio "dad" for the first time, after seeing him act out her scene. I'm loving their relationship more and more.

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