Orphan Black Season 3 Teaser Reveals Sarah is NOT With Dyad

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Sarah is not with Dyad, but why does a Project Castor clone sitting across from her think she is?

Yes, that's right, Sarah may not be with Dyad, and she may not be their property, but she is with Project Castor. Why? At least the Castor clone is as wary of Dyad as Sarah and her sestras have been along. Might they someday end up on the same page?

Those are only some of the interesting things we're left to ponder after watching the latest teaser from Orphan Black Season 3

We've been promised a clone war. Will it be between Leda and Castor clones or will any of them join forces? Not all Leda clones were on the same page (Rachel is still an outlier), so assuming all Castors are might be a stretch.

The binary code at the end of the clip? It does mean something:

Some bathtubs are bloody. All blood is suspicious. Conclusion: Some bathtubs are suspicious. True or False?

With that mysterious variable statement, Orphan Black continues its tie with Salem Season 2. Both are engaging in war and tossing out the vision of bloody bathtubs. Coincidence? If nothing else, amusing!

We're on a countdown to Saturday, April 18. Until then, you can give yourself a crash course in all things #cloneclub related when you watch Orphan Black online via TV Fanatic!

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