Shameless Season 5 Episode 5 Review: Rite of Passage

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My prayers have been answered! Jimmy/Steve has finally returned to the Shameless family and it couldn't have come at a better time. 

Shameless Season 5 Episode 5 saw Fiona majorly struggling with her quickie marriage to Gus and dealing with a frightening situation when her co-worker Jackie overdosed. Couple that with Frank's new awkward living situation and Ian's collapse and you've got yourself one crazy episode. 

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We have to start with the Jimmy/Steve reveal because it's about damn time he showed up! As soon as his lady friend found out Fiona was married, I knew he'd be swooping in soon to show his face. 

I have to admit that back in the early days, I was never the biggest Jimmy/Steve fan. While I saw the charm and his overall appeal, I just never bought them as a couple. But, having witnessed all of Fiona's failed relationships, I think it's pretty clear to me that Jimmy/Steve is the one for her. 

Gus is a good, decent guy and he proved that again tonight by just being there. I liked their little heart to heart at the diner after Fiona missed the big family dinner because of her co-workers overdose. They both admitted they were scared and had no clue what was going to happen, which was a noble admission. 

However, they still have none of the basic questions answered. Where are they going to live? Fiona is the kids' legal guardian so wherever she goes, they have to go, right? 

I'm glad Fiona told Lip, at least, before he split last minute for college. 

Lip: You got married?
Fiona: Yeah.
Lip: Fuck. To who?
Fiona: Gus.
Lip: Who the fucks Gus?
Fiona: I've mentioned him before.
Lip: Yeah in passing. Jesus, married? Are you happy or---
Fiona: Do I seem happy?

I don't know Fiona. It's really hard to tell. 

Speaking of Lip, his decision to leave for school early wasn't too shocking given how over Chicago he seems to be. Besides his family, what does he have left here? Lip has the smarts to get out of the hood and he proved tonight that he isn't nearly as south side as he'd like to think he is. 

It's kind of odd, though, when Lip's not intertwined with the Gallagher shenanigans; although I think Ian's issues are going to drive him right back home. 

When Ian showed up with all that cash after a night away from home, I just knew things were going to go badly with Mickey. 

Mickey: Where'd you get this?
Ian: From the producer of the movie.
Mickey: What movie?
Ian: I did a porno.
Mickey: You did a what?

Mickey was pretty much disgusted with Ian and at first I was afraid he was going to just kick him out and be done with him. But Mickey surprised me when he told Ian he was taking him to get help. It's finally, finally sunk in that Ian needs professional help. 

Even Ian was surprised by how much Mickey cared, but that didn't stop him from bolting with baby Evgeni, stealing a car and going God knows where. I'm sure next week will be a where's Ian hunt and I hope when he is found Mickey will just be there for him. His violent outbursts are sometimes played for laughs and that's all well and good, but I'd love for vulnerable Mickey to come out again. 

Elsewhere, Frank was bunking on the Gallagher couch until he got the genius idea to go stay with David's parents, as in the David whose liver he has. This was, of course, a terrible decision and things were creepy from the start. 

Dad Wade saw David in Frank and pretty soon he was asking him to play catch and tucking him into bed. Mom Laura was anti-Frank being there at first and then all about Frank, as her grief drove her into Frank's pants. 

Oh man, how incredibly awkward were all those scenes? I'm thinking this may be the last we see of them though and I wouldn't hate that. 

The Kev-V dynamic is just getting worse and worse and I'm not seeing how things are going to get better for the two of them. Since we were kids, haven't we heard that two wrongs don't make a right. Having Kev cheat on you because you cheated will not make things better V!

I was kind of shocked Kev really went for the handjob from a stranger, but it's hard to blame him, I guess. The bottom line is V isn't ready to be a mother. She still wants things to be about her and Kev and life just can't be all about you when you have children. 

As far as Debbie and Carl go, Debbie is still training to be a fighter and getting pretty good at it. On the flip side, Carl is still a terrible drug dealer. 

Alright guys, what did you think of "Rite of Passage"? What's going to happen now that Jimmy/Steve is back? Where the heck did Ian go? Do you want Lip to stick around the south side? 

Let's talk all things Shameless in the comments!

*NOTE: Shameless Season 5 Episode 6 is titled "Crazy Love" and will air on Sunday, February 15. 

Rite of Passage Review

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Still don't want your family to know? Nothing says no regrets like hiding it from those you love.

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