Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Alpine Shepherd Boy

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With a departure from the trend of one-word episode names, Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 5 aka "Alpine Shepherd Boy," dug a little deeper into both Chuck and Mike, two important figures in the life of one Jimmy McGill.

That sort of makes me wonder what Mike would ever say to Chuck if the two met.

After that amazingly well-done scene last week of Chuck in the street, it was good to see that tonight's episode would deal with the aftermath of Chuck leaving the safety of his house.

In short, walking out the front door really screwed him up. The neighbor called the cops (WHO DOES THAT?) over her "stolen" newspaper, and more shocking than anything, the police RESPONDED. Over a $.50 paper. 

To be fair, maybe she reported a strange alien living next door since Chuck was wrapped in a space blanket, but who really knows. All we know for sure is that the police busted down Chuck's door, tasered him, and carted him off to the local hospital where he was nearly catatonic by the time Jimmy finished with his potential client adventures.

Jimmy seems to struggle with what to do with Chuck. Part of him knows that Chuck needs dedicated, in-patient care to overcome his illness. Part of him cannot imagine sending his big brother, the one person who seems to be a constant in his life, away. 

So he doesn't. He doesn't send Chuck away. He can't. To do so would be choosing himself over his brother and something tells me there are plenty of opportunities throughout their history together where Chuck chose Jimmy first.

Jimmy will eventually choose himself, but probably not until he's adopted the persona of Saul Goodman. Or maybe something will happen to Chuck which prompts such an identity change.

Chuck and his electromagnetic field radiation sensitivity do not seem long for this 'verse, but it's fun watching the dynamic between the brothers and the ways in which Jimmy knows the difference between the right thing to do and the best thing to do and chooses whichever side means choosing Chuck.

It's also fun to catch glimpses of Mike and what he's up to, which we got tonight.

Mike's story is jumping to the forefront of Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 6. Tonight we watched as he went about his day, visited his estranged daughter, and then ended up with the police on his doorstep. Next week he'll lawyer up and call Jimmy, the only lawyer whose card he happens to have on him at the time. 

Rest easy, Mike fans. He's not a criminal. Yet. Probably.

His son, who followed in Daddy's footsteps and became a police officer, was killed, and the police want Mike's help to figure out who did it. Mike's the kind of guy who seems to like his past to stay buried, so we'll see what dirt he kicks up next week, if any.

What did you think of "Alpine Shepherd Boy"? Did you think Jimmy should have had Chuck committed? Will Mike help the police?

You better watch Better Call Saul online to find out.

Alpine Shepherd Boy Review

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Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Old Lady: And here I thought all lawyers were idiots.
Jimmy: Only half of us are idiots. The other half are crooks!

Jimmy: From here on out, I'm gonna play by the rules.
Chuck: As any lawyer should.