Colin O'Donoghue Teases Hook/Ursula Past, Captain Swan Troubles & More!

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Can Hook help Ursula get her happy ending?

And if he doesn't come through for one of the Queens of Darkness, will he lose everything he holds near and dear, including his love, Emma?

After learning that the one-handed pirate wronged Ursula in the past, actor Colin O’Donoghue told me yesterday that we’ll find out exactly what he did in Once Upon A Time Season 4 Episode 16, warning that viewers may have an unexpected reaction when they find out all the details. 

Let’s see what else O’Donoghue had to say about Sunday’s episode and how everything with Ursula could spell the end of Captain Swan...

Behind the scenes with Colin O'Donaghue - Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 16

TV Fanatic: So it looks like Hook and Ursula are crossing paths this week. Guessing it won’t be a happy reunion, right?

Colin O’Donoghue: In this episode, we’re going to find out exactly what went down between Hook and Ursula in the past, which I was excited to explore. Hook helped young Ursula to try to run away from Poseidon, her father, played by Ernie Hudson, who was using her voice to run pirate ships aground and into rocks…things took a little bit of a turn, which I won’t explain fully.

In the modern present day, you see that Hook offers to give her her happy ending in exchange for what Rumpelstiltskin is up to. That’s about as much as I can tell you without giving too much away.

TVF: How do you think the audience will react when they find out what he did to her? Will they sympathize with him or might we be a little upset with him?

COD: I think people might be a little upset with him but, look, old Hook was incredibly selfish and even though he genuinely wants to do right in the past, some of the ways he goes about doing the right thing doesn’t pan out the way that you would expect. As long as Old Hook was preserved and he was fine then he was okay with things because his main, overriding aim was to find a way to kill Rumpelstiltskin. He was so focused on that he willing to step on people to get there.

TVF: If you think the audience might be upset about what Hook did in the past, is it safe to assume that Emma might not be too pleased either?

COD: Well, he tries to make amends a little bit so you sort of see what happens there. Hook, in the present tense, is really trying to do all he can to be a better man for Emma and that’s his overriding thing at the minute. Once he decides on something, he gives himself whole heartedly to it and he’s decided he wants to be with Emma and make the most of that so that’s what he’s doing.

TVF: How was it for you to get this piece of the backstory? It’s been eluded to but sounds like it’s really fleshed out in this episode.

COD: It was interesting because I didn’t fully know exactly what he did. That’s what’s great about the show, we find out episode by episode much like you. Naturally we know certain things but you still get surprised when you read the scripts. ‘Oh my God! I can’t believe he did that!’ It’s good. And what’s great about this episode is Ariel is going to be back so people get to see Joanna [Garcia Swisher] again, who is always fantastic on the show.

TVF: Can fans expect to see any kind of confrontation coming soon between Hook and Rumple? They always have an axe to grind so just curious what we might see.

COD: Hook and Rumpelstiltskin can’t stand each other. That will always be the case. Rumpelstiltskin tried to use Hook to destroy Emma, which would be the second love of his life that Gold tried to take away from Hook so I just don’t think Hook can let that go. It will always be there and I think fans will be interested to see how that resolves itself or if it ever does.

TVF: I know a lot of what we’re going to see is with Ursula but is there any interaction between Hook and the Queens of Darkness, Maleficent and Cruella?

COD: Yeah, Hook is part of the opposite team than the Queens of Darkness so he’ll definitely have interactions with them and you can expect to see Cruella’s backstory soon, as well.

TVF: The Captain Swan fans are so loud and vocal out there. How has that been for your to receive? They definitely don’t like when things come between Hook and Emma, do they?

COD: It’s great for the show that our fans are so passionate and that’s an incredible thing to be a part of a show where people are passionate about the characters. I think it’s a testament to the writers and team behind the show that people have connected so much with certain characters. Definitely, Captain Swan fans are vocal as are the Rumbelle fans and Outlaw Queen fans. It’s great for the show that people have taken such an interest.

TVF: Are you about done shooting for the season?

COD: We’re in the penultimate episode and then we start shooting the finale next week!

Once Upon a Time Season 4 airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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