DIG Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Catch You Later

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The connections of the mystery reach farther than expected.

In the final minutes of DIG Season 1 Episode 2, another piece of the puzzle consisting of the stones and the breastplate, which I assume is also connected to the Joshes and therefore the heifer, was revealed.

Did you see that one coming? Perhaps just by the nature of her overall unwelcome demeanor it was to be expected. When you're unpleasant, you're not necessarily a good guy. Or something.

This installment wasn't as good as DIG Season 1 Episode 1 (for those of you now laughing, saying you didn't enjoy the first, why are you reading this?), but it clears some things up, muddies up others and expands the overall mystery.

Admittedly, I am a bit of a hypocrite. I eat meat. I wear leather (not the expensive stuff, so I always assume it's the byproduct of what I eat). I probably draw the line at animal sacrifice. Also, admittedly, I'm not a religious gal, so those beliefs are lost on me, although I try to understand those who do believe.

That said, the tiny baby cows are just so cute and to sacrifice them merely at the whim of pleasing God and at the hands of a 13 year old boy who may be the antichrist is difficult to imagine (let alone almost watch).

Josh Deux isn't the same as Josh the Original. He seems colder. Although he made an attempt to win over Debbie (who is having a very difficult time with the entire thing) by saying he needed her at the ritual, it wasn't an easy sell. Yet, he did make eye contact before killing the calf. I suppose, in theory, it might seem easier to do than in practice. 

They're a very strange group and I don't trust them one iota. Another clue they're ushering in the antichrist is the drab, grey clothing. Certainly they'd want to celebrate the coming of the messiah, at least with bright whites, if not colors, right?

The older boy in the snow is also guarding the red heifer, which will also be sacrificed. The way he cares for it is so heartwarming. Yet, it's ultimately going to die. That, too, makes me sad. What on earth must the boy have been thinking as the equivalent of the Jewish Yakuza was after them? And to be handed the keys to drive, for the first time, in the snow? What an adventure. A real story for the grandkids, should he (the world) survive to have any.

Golan softened toward Peter (of course) as he learned more about him. The discovery of the death of Peter's daughter helped, as did learning he almost became a priest (what a waste that would have been). It was obvious he didn't consider him a threat when Golan picked his kid up with Peter cuffed in the backseat.

That Peter would run through the city streets and wind up at the American Embassy as he ran after Yussef was certainly unexpected, but more shocking was that Yussef would be meeting with the Ambassador about the red stone.

What the hell does she have to do with it? She's a part of the bigger picture, as she has all but the final stone. She wants to talk to God? She must not have gotten the memo that there is a separation of church and state in American politics. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I'm fairly certain she'd be forbidden to confer with God about her day job. Haha.

As to how all of these people will converge? It's hard to say, isn't it? It will become a little clearer, I think, in DIG Season 1 Episode 3, "Meet the Rosenbergs," as Peter and Golan follow a lead from Emma's journal. It sure seems as if the three factions are working in conjunction to build the Third Temple, and use the breastplate to talk to God. 

I'm not sure how Josh fits, exactly, as the potential antichrist. Maybe they'll laugh at God on the breastplate phone before his false son walks the earth. It's all kind of whacko, but in a crazy good way that I want to know about. If it doesn't go right off the rails and steers too close to the tracks as a procedural, I'll be disappointed. I want nuts, please.

How about you? What are you thinking at this point and what are your theories? If you dropped by, please drop in a comment. I'd love to hear from you. If you're a little late to the party, you can watch DIG online via TV Fanatic.

Catch You Later Review

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DIG Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Pastor Billingham: It is of great importance that we know now what is in your heart, Debbie, so I'm asking you. Are you still with us?
Debbie: [mumbles] Yes. [louder] Yes, I'm still with you.

Peter: Stop honking! It's just noise. You're just making noise. That's all it is.
Golan: It calms my nerves. Give it a try.
Peter: Nobody in this country has any goddamned patience.
Golan: Patience. That must be what they taught you in the seminary. What? You think you Americans are the only ones spying on your allies? They're not that different, I mean the priesthood and the FBI. Both have rules, uniforms, oaths of allegiance. The thing I don't get though is three years in the seminary, just days before you get your collar and boom [whistles], you drop out. Probably an interesting story in there somewhere.
Peter: Just drive.