Episodes Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Parting Ways

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Tonight's finale ended on a dire note for the "Downtown Abbey" duo, Sean and Beverly.

But the majority of the half-hour served as an extended moment of reckoning for Carol. 

Episodes Season 4 Episode 9 was harsh to our favorite head of programming, and I'm not entirely sure she deserved the fall she experienced. 

Launching The Box - Episodes

Although I risk sounding like a broken record, I feel like it's necessary to point out that, if anyone, Matt LeBlanc is the one who truly deserves his comeuppance.

Although his position as the host of America's next hit reality TV show, "The Box," is a bit "ironic," as Sean put it, he got to end the season standing victorious over a groveling Merc Lapidus. Who was trapped in a box. That was about to be filled with bugs. 

Matt: You know what else is ironic?
Sean: Um -- that's not exactly what irony is.

In the meantime, Carol was literally humiliated by Helen (even if only in front of her supposed lover, Beverly), and left her job only for the calls of a deranged man. 

Castor Soto is definitely a unique piece of work, and now Carol is lost in translation – and wanting to see how she deals with this stark turning point in her life makes waiting for next season pretty difficult. 

That's insane!


So I guess what I don't understand is why Matt continues to dodge the bullet that I, personally, believe is inevitable, while Carol faces retribution for crimes that weren't even that severe. 

Helen fell for her at an incredibly fast rate, and Carol was still treading new ground. Rather than being understanding, Helen became jealous and nosey. She also became assuming, and ultimately ended the relationship due to a misunderstanding. 

Carol: It might be good for me and Helen not to be together all the time.
Beverly: Oh no, it's a brilliant plan!
Carol: Yeah!
Beverly: You going to work for your male ex-lover -- that won't feed her already spectacular paranoia!
Carol: I'm just saying, I think --
Helen: Hey girls!
Carol and Beverly: AHH!!!
Helen: What a warm welcome!

The group scream in that scene was hilarious and even caught me off guard. Man, Helen is kind of creepy – to think I liked her at first!

Her stripping Carol down was even creepier, not to mention just spiteful, but Carol tried to make the best out of the situation. 

Sean and Beverly were thrown to the side for a majority of the episode, but they too got their comeuppance from a vengeful Helen the next morning – in the form of the good ol' Tim. 

Oh no!!


Although I wish this season would've moved at a faster rate, a majority of the episodes were truly entertaining, and at least one major character's life is now facing some true turmoil. I hope you join me in wishing Carol good luck facing whatever mess she just got herself into.

Not to be forgotten, Myra is indeed pregnant! Groaning and squirming all the way to the end, she gave birth on her own, the independent woman she is in full effect, and was blessed with a baby to hold before the installment finished. Congratulations to her – a silver lining in all the recent office drama. 

Watch Episodes online, and head over to Episodes quotes, in order to revisit any highlights from tonight's finale, and leave your own thoughts about the season down below. Not only what you thought about the finale, but let me know what your favorite episode was as well!

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Episodes Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Matt: Can they get out?
Director: The bugs, or the people?
Matt: Either?
Director: No.

Beverly: Life were a lot simpler before you became a lesbian.
Carol: Lesbian? I’m not a lesbian!
Beverly: What would you call it?
Carol: I don’t know! I feel uncomfortable with labels.
Beverly: Label or not, if you open up a can of beans, and there’s beans in it, it’s a can of beans!