Pretty Little Liars Round Table: The End of Ezria?

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Who'd have thought Hanna would end up being the one in orange?

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 22 found the girls fighting to stay out of jail when it emerged that a case was being built against one of them.

Below, TV Fanatic Paul Dailly is joined by Destinee from PLLNewsFeed and TV Fanatic super fan Meaghan as they discuss their reaction to Hanna's arrest, the fate of Ezria and the outcome of the trial...

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

What was your reaction to Hanna being arrested?

Destinee: I was shocked and mad that A would stoop that Low to putting her in jail.

Meaghan: Unfortunately I had seen pictures before of Hanna being in jail so I knew it was coming so I wasn't surprised. HOWEVER I am extremely shocked that she wasn't put in their because of Ali taking the plea. I am really curious about where Tanner got Mona's clothes from. Makes me even more suspicious of Tanner.

Paul: Like Meaghan, I had also seen the pictures. It was still shocking. Poor Hanna. I wonder how she will get out of this one. I'm expecting her to be in there for quite some time.

Were you shocked about Ali not accepting the plea deal?

Destinee: I'm glad ali is not accepting the plea deal. If she did accept it, then both she and Hanna would go to prison.

Meaghan: I definitely am surprised. I understood her contemplating taking the deal though after she was attacked in prison but I am happy that she had a change of heart. I found it weird that once Hanna was put in jail they were even still offering her the deal. Would it really have helped their case against Hanna that much?

Paul: This was the most shocking part of the episode. Here I was thinking Ali had something to do with Hanna's arrest. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Ali isn't exactly reliable, but this gives me a little confidence that she has nothing to do with the current incarnation of A.

Is Ezria over for good?

Destinee: Oh goodness, I hope not. I love ezria. They will always be together one way or another, as friends, or as boyfriend and girlfriend

Meaghan: Ha! Please! Marlene King is obsessed with Ezria. They are THE end game couple for her. I've heard that we are getting a time jump at some point so they will skip over the college years where Aria feels the need to be single so they will get their happily ever after. Not that I am saying that I want that to happen but it is going to.

Paul: Nope. Sure, they will probably be apart for a long time, but I see them reuniting before the series concludes. That is unless one of them turns out to be A.

Melissa promised to not lie again... then lied again. React!

Destinee: When Melissa lied after her and Spencer's moment I was so mad she just promised not to lie to her. No secrets, the next day she tells Spencer she lied

Meaghan: Lying is what the Hastings do best. I see where Melissa was coming from when she lied to Spencer. She knew if she told her the truth , Spencer would hve come home to help Hanna even though there isn't anything she can do. Spencer needs to give her a break on this one.

Paul: I've always thought Melissa knows a lot more than she lets on about. Something isn't right with her. Way back when Maya was murdered, she was acting shady outside the scene of the crime and I know that wasn't a red herring.

What will be the outcome of the trial?

Destinee: Hanna will get out of jail because ALISON is going to tell about A.

Meaghan: Ali is going to get off and Hanna will be the one left in jail. There is no actual concrete evidence against Ali. They have Hanna's blood on Mona's clothes and eventually they will have the video of her talking about getting rid of the barrel. It doesn't seem likely she will get out of this unless they bring down A.

Paul: I agree with Meaghan. Ali will not let Hanna get out of jail before her. Why should she? The girls helped in getting her locked up in the first place.

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Note: Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 23 airs Tuesday March 10th at 8/7c on ABC Family.

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