Scandal Round Table: How Olivia Got Her Groove Back

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Olivia Pope jumped back into the client-saving game on Scandal Season 4 Episode 16 when Abby Whelan turned to her best friend for help.

Leo Bergen got himself written about and whatever was in those pages was pretty juicy. 

Join the TV Fanatic Round Table - consisting of Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, Carla Day and Miranda Wicker - as we break down the bits and pieces from "It's Good To Be Kink."

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite quote or scene from "It's Good to Be Kink?"

Jim: "Justice for Sue comes at a cost to Abby, and Abby is family" - Quinn 

Christine:  That they used Devo’s “Whip It” when they were figuring out everyone involved in the book. That made me smile. The nicknames were a nice touch too. I also appreciated that they said just enough about the kinky sex to make it funny but left enough to our imaginations so that it didn’t go too far.

Carla: My favorite moment was when Huck slit Sue's throat. It was unexpected in the moment and showed Huck's state of mind and priorities in a disturbing way. He wants his "normal" life back, yet he has embraced his horrific and brutal self to get there. He's lost his sense of right and wrong. It's distressing to watch and amazingly compelling at the same time.

Miranda: Abby's speech to Leo Bergen was tops for me. I love how Scandal is willing to discuss the ways men and women are treated differently by the media specifically as that speaks to the way many women are treated by the world at large.

Olivia got her groove back. React:

Jim: Is it really back? Using sex to "numb" feelings and ignore problems is very common (have you seen State of Affairs?) and I feel like it is more likely that Olivia is trying the "fake it till you make it" method of getting her groove back. 

Christine:  I’m not sure it’s completely back but she’s getting there. The one-nighter with Russell as she played “Alex” reminded me a little too much of the show Mistresses. It made me feel as though she were still struggling to deal with everything, not so much getting her groove back.

Carla: I agree with the others, Olivia hasn't gotten her groove back at all. She's going through the steps to get her groove back, but she's definitely not there yet. I'm all for women being empowered in their sexuality, but with Olivia it didn't feel like that at all. Olivia reminded me of Carrie Mathison on Homeland and her self-destructive behavior when she'd pretend to be someone else and pick up men. Carrie was trying to numb the pain and that's how I took Olivia's actions too. 

Miranda: I didn't get the sense that Olivia was trying to numb anything. On the contrary, I think she's trying to find a way to make herself feel again, which is why I think she's getting (or gotten) her groove back. She's been numb since Stephen dropped her off on that roof. She's stepping back out in the world again even if only for a night of no strings attached sex.

Mellie is running for Senator of VA. Predict two ways in which this will go horribly awry.

Jim: With power houses like Mellie and Elizabeth North teaming up, I can't even imagine things could go horribly awry. On the flip side I CAN imagine how awesome it would (will?) be seeing those two women working together, chewing up the scenery! 

Christine:  Oh my. Well, she chose a woman who was her sworn enemy five minutes ago to run her campaign. They will either make a powerhouse team or be a complete disaster. And I do wonder if Cyrus will support Mellie or try to derail her in her run for Senate and then President.

Carla: In the real world, the days of Smelly Mellie would be brought up and rehashed to show her inability to cope. I'm not sure if the show will go there, but if it does, that will cause Mellie force her to relive the horrible loss of her son. Otherwise, I see a lot of negative publicity regarding her legitimacy to run in Virginia and lack of qualifications. It won't be a pretty fight, though it will be fun to watch.

Miranda: There is virtually no way this alliance ends with Mellie being elected. Lizzie wants to appear competent and smart but she's no Olivia Pope. Or Leo Bergen for that matter. Now that his scandal has been squashed, maybe Mellie will get him to run her campaign after all. 

Who is the episode MVP?

Jim: Quinn! Hands down, from calling Huck out on his visits "to the dentist" to making it very clear to Olivia that Abby was her customer (and family) not Sue, and that getting justice for Sue would cost Abby dearly. 

Christine:  Sue Thomas. Although I don’t necessarily agree with the book idea, I agree that she shouldn’t be ashamed of having an active sex life. If she were a man she’d be getting high fives, not ridiculed.  And like Huck said, she typed it all on an actual typewriter in order not to be hacked. “That’s old school. Respect.”

Carla: Probably Quinn, but since she's been mentioned, I'll go with Abby. Abby went to great lengths to protect her boyfriend and their relationship. With things got difficult, she didn't cut and run, she dug in deep and stuck by her man. She was willing to resign her position to be with him and protect the president. She has a strength in her code of honor that goes behind the norm.

Miranda: Abby! 100% Abby. For all the reasons Carla listed and then some. I've always been a fan of hers even when other viewers would have seen her disappear, so I'm glad she's getting moments to shine like she did in this episode.

Did Huck have to kill Sue Thomas?

Jim: I honestly don't think so. First, there were 15 other guys who probably done it anyway. But, beyond that, as Quinn said, they had handled the book and as long as she wasn't writing stuff down, any amount of "talking" would have been so much hot air. I'm more surprised that she didn't tell Olivia who killed Sue, Huck is clearly starting to slip his chain and may need to be delt with soon rather than later.  

Christine:  No!  They could have handled Sue. When left to his own devices Huck deals with threats one of two ways: torture or death. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Huck is like a highly aggressive dog. He can seem perfectly fine one moment and be ripping your throat out the next. I know they love him like family but Huck cannot be trusted.

Carla: No, especially not for the reason he did it. Could Sue's book have come out if she wasn't killed? Perhaps. Would the book have come out in time to threaten Huck's deal with David Rosen? No. It's possible David would have resigned, but given Sue's agreement I don't think she would have gone back on her word that fast. Huck's reason for killing her was highly flawed and her death unnecessary.

Miranda: No, I don't think he did. I think Sue's book was really a last-ditch effort at getting some semblance of a life back and after Olivia helped her handle her former boss, she was good to go. She didn't need the book anymore and would've kept mum about the whole thing. Huck killed her because he was scared, and not because he was scared she would talk. He wants his old life back, but I don't think he can really go back there again.

Scandal Season 4 Episode 17, "Put A Ring On It," airs Thursday at 9/8c. And you can always watch Scandal online right here at TV Fanatic!

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Mellie: I'm running for Senator of Virginia.
Abby: Well, that's...history making. Good for you. Good for Virginia, ma'am.
Cyrus: You think so, Red?

Huck: Where's Jake?
David: It's just the two of us. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. You can be Newman. I'm fine with Redford.