Suits Season 4 Finale Preview: Forever Changed

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After Suits Season 4 Episode 15, there is the possibility the relationship between Harvey and Donna will never be the same.

Now, Suits Season 4 Episode 16 promises the firm will be forever changed. What's going to happen in the finale?

We'll revisit the earlier part of the season when Sean Cahill returns with news he cannot connect his boss to corporate raider (and Mike's former employer) Charles Forstman. This will renew Harvey's desire to bring them both down.

Expect soap star Billy Miller to make his first appearance as Marcus Specter, Harvey's brother. He hasn't had the same successes in life as Harvey. Their conversation looks rather serious.

While Donna helps Louis with an unexpected crisis, Mike and Rachel have to come to terms with the fact that while she's Harvey's number two, Mike's still Harvey's guy. 

With the promise the firm will never be the same, are we looking at one, or more, people moving on to different things? 

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