The Flash Preview: 8 Things to Know About Tonight's Game-Changing Episode

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Be prepared for your jaw to drop... more than once.

I'm talking about what is sure to be viewers’ collective reaction when watching The Flash Season 1 Episode 15, which airs TONIGHT at 8/7c on The CW

I was part of a select press group to get a sneak peek at the episode, titled “Out Of Time,” at the network offices in Burbank yesterday.

It followed by a Q&A with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg and actors Tom Cavanagh (Wells) and Candice Patton (Iris) and, put simply, the episode is an epic game-changer.

While we know the villain of the week, Weather Wizard, is played by Spartacus alum Liam McIntyre, it would seem from the previews that everyone may finally figure out what Harrison Wells has been up to all this time.

What can fans expect from this explosive hour?

Click through the above photo gallery for 8 teasers from what is an absolutely cannnot-miss-installment of this popular freshman series.

The Flash Season 1 airs Tuesday at 8/7c on the CW. 

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