The Flash Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Out of Time

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It was inadvertent, but we've witnessed our first instance of the alteration of the space time continuum on the The Flash.

There was so much going on in The Flash Season 1 Episode 15 that it was painfully obvious we were going to be hitting warp speed as we ran into the final minutes. That's kind of an understatement. Someone died, love was declared and a tsunami was hitting, among other things. 

One thing is certain, I bet Mark Mardon never in a million years guessed by wreaking havoc with his ability to control weather he would be saving lives. The dude is a freakin' hero. Congrats, Weather Wizard. You've earned a pat on the back for doing all the wrong things at the right time.

They did a great job of bait and switch with the promotional photos. Date night was kind of a bust, and frankly, I barely remember it. It served as the catalyst that forced both Eddie and Iris to confront their feelings, but unfortunately for Eddie, they weren't for each other.

I didn't like the way I felt watching you and Barry last night.


Eddie finally had the guts to voice his opinion about seeing Iris and Barry together, and that was a pretty major leap on his part. While he's made very mild suggestions in the past, this was different. So different that it made Iris realize she was probably doing him a disservice. More on that in a while.

As sexy and commanding as Liam McIntyre can be, his Mark Mardon didn't do much as the Weather Wizard. He definitely created weather and wrecked the police station, even paralyzing the captain, but overall he didn't feel as threatening as I expected. That may have been on me, as most of my attention was on Harrison Wells in anticipation of the Reverse Flash reveal.

Who could blame me? Sure, we've known he was the Reverse Flash, but this was different. It was all set into motion by Mason Bridges. He pushed the issue of Harrison Wells' criminal culpability with Iris, who had the guts to place it at Barry's feet. That was simply the best move she's made all season. The way Iris handled the discussion with Barry was both thoughtful and forceful enough to get him to understand the gravity of the situation. It was impressive.

As Cisco wanted to dig even deeper than he had before, he enlisted Caitlin's help and that's where things went terribly awry. Her biggest mistake was looking at her watch during breakfast. You never check the time when you're pretending to enjoy a leisurely morning do with your boss. He leaped from his wheelchair to get away from her and to Cisco.

Cisco: You're him. You're the Reverse Flash.
Harrison: You and I have never been properly introduced. I am Eobard Thawne.
Cisco: Thawne. Like Eddie.
Harrison: Let's call him a distant relative.

There's no more theorizing on exactly which character Harrison Wells is cloaking with his name. We still need to know how he relates to Eddie, and the "let's call him" part of the comment only makes it more intriguing.

We learned how there were two Reverse Flashes. Will Barry learn how to make an after image or a speed mirage in order to trick the Reverse Flash in the future? Harrison/Eobard killed Nora Allen when he was trying to kill Barry. He's been trying to get Barry up to speed because he needs it to get back home (I assume that's the future) because he's stuck here...from trying to kill Barry.

Why was he trying to kill Barry in the first place? If he needs Barry to get home, he can't kill him, but he wanted to kill him first, so he must have had the speed before wanting to kill him. I'm looking forward to that particular story. But I digress from the truly heartbreaking development that made the Weather Wizard's tsunami so damned helpful.

Do you know how hard it has been to keep all of this from you, especially from you, because the truth is I've grown quite fond of you and in many ways you have shown me what it's like to have a son. Forgive me, but to me you've been dead for centuries.


If there were any holdouts on the "I Love Cisco Ramon" train, then surely Carlos Valdes crushed right through those barriers with his understanding of Harrison's intentions and his crocodile tears. From what I understand, the tears were unscripted and came as a result of his understanding of the character and his relationship with Harrison. Well done.

We know who carves the turkey when Harrison Wells arrives to Thanksgiving Dinner. He won't be invited to my celebration. Ripping Cisco's heart out with his bare, shaking hand was cold. Simply brutal. Hopefully Caitlin never made it to the containment area before Barry started running. If I couldn't take it, how would she have felt?

Also before Barry started running, Iris let her feelings flow. She didn't use the L word, but it was good enough. Barry also suited up (did we ever learn is he's sporting his Flash suit under his clothes or if he speeds of to get it...?) and she didn't appear angry at the little surprise.

Most of it won't stick. Barry whooshed off and we learned what he saw on his way to the morgue at the beginning of the hour. He saw himself. Talk about a time paradox. Barry will remember everything that happened. We will know what happened. Will Harrison/Eobard/Reverse Wells/Thawne/Flash remember it as well? If not, then nobody will be the wiser about Cisco's death and he could continue down the merry path of self destruction.

Things will definitely change, but technically, they should only change if Barry knows for certain he must work to change them. We know he'll want to stop the Weather Wizard to save the captain and Joe.

He won't be interested in stopping Iris from declaring her feelings, but may as a result of other collateral damage WW related. Maybe if Cisco presses the Harrison connection too much, Barry will recall the quick phone call from Caitlin and piece it together with darkness. 

Aaaack!! The trouble with time and space alteration is too many people don't know what came beforehand. Since Barry was concerned with other things, he didn't have time to soak in all the issues around him and some could slip through. Do I think Cisco will die? No more than Felicity will bite the bullet on Arrow. We're talking about the heart of the team here.

So, yes, "Out of Time" was a game changer, but not so much plot wise, as it was in knowing to what lengths they're willing to go with time. They're willing to go anywhere. We also have some answers about Harrison and know Iris loves Barry. It's a start. Where will it go??

Hit the comments and posit your theories. We've seen a synopsis and photos for The Flash Season 1 Episode 16, "Rogue Time," already. Captain Cold and Heat Wave are finally back and Cisco is alive and kidnapped, along with the brother mentioned tonight. 

To find out what happened to them prior, you can watch The Flash online via TV Fanatic. Until the next time!

Out of Time Review

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