The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 3 Review: The Birthday Party

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Three episodes in and The Odd Couple just isn't cutting it. 

The jokes are not clever and they're certainly not funny. 

Nothing about The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 3 felt new or innovative. I've said it before, but re-making this show was simply unnecessary. 

So Oscar and Emily are basically stalkers. Are we supposed to find that funny? I'd be pretty creeped out if I were Casey and found out that Oscar knew my entire travel itinerary. Why is she having a drink with him? Emily is less stalker-ish, but she's obsessive, and it's still scary.

Has Oscar never heard of Google maps? It's a much easier way to find a party store than trying to get the location out of Casey while pretending he really knew where it was.  

This is the second episode in a row that Dani has been suckered into working on her day off. At least this time she's getting time and a half out of it. I think it's time she stops answering her phone or dropping by on her off days. She has to have something better to do, right? Honestly though, she's probably my favorite part of the show so if the writers have to keep making lame excuses to keep her involved, I guess it's better than nothing. 

Was anyone else having flashbacks to the chick and the duck from Friends when Dani gave Felix that bird? The vacuum sucking up that poor bird was sad, but predictable. Also, did they seriously try to reverse it? Watching the feathers fly back out was like watching a cartoon. I'm pretty sure I've seen a Loony Tunes episode where that would have been Tweety. 

I thought it was weird that Casey made a comment about her room being a mess and that she hates to clean. She definitely commented on his messy apartment back in The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 1

Honestly, the whole thing felt like they were trying too hard, especially with the random Dwight Howard cameo. They're trying to squeeze too much in and not giving the show a chance to come together organically. I still think the cast is great, but they need better material and more time to gel. 

What did you guys think? Are you enjoying the show more than I am? 

Don't forget you can watch The Odd Couple online any time and catch up on any you might have missed. 

The Birthday Party Review

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The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Oscar: Well your body needs a work out, you really need to keep it moving.
Casey: So, like a run?
Oscar: Yes, but with less vertical pressure on the knees.

He was cleaning a vacuum, we just had to go ten feet.