American Crime Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Peaceful Protest

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What a heartbreaking way to end an episode!

On American Crime Season 1 Episode 8, Barb finally asks the question everyone knows the answer to – is she racist? The revelation comes halfway through an extremely thought provoking episode of American Crime and it's not even the hour's most shocking moment.

Let's not waste anymore time and discuss tonight's American Crime.

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While Aliyah has every right to have a peaceful protest, I didn't agree with the use of Barb's photo and saying she wants to lynch Carter. It's clear Barb has some racist views, whether she sees it or not, but to put a target on her which could cause her harm isn't right and you can't blame her for purchasing a gun to protect herself.

Speaking of Barb, everything she has done throughout the season is coming back to haunt her and now they're being forced to push a plea deal. It shouldn't come as a huge surprise they would want to rush things instead of going to trial because they know all their evidence is circumstantial and probably won't hold up in court.

Did Barb really think it was a good idea to go out and try to recruit people for a counter protest? She finally got a dose of reality and saw how racist her views are and how other people see her. Thankfully Nancy is there to smack some sense into Barb and let her know being around these bigots is not going to help her cause. Nancy is right about if it was just her and Barb at the protest, it speaks volumes and shows they won't back down on getting justice for Matt.

Carter is smart to listen to Aliyah and not take the plea deal; though I'd completely understand if he did take it. Carter's at the point where he wants to give up – he's exhausted and just wants everything to end and doesn't want to see Aliyah and the protesters get hurt. Aliyah is right, if Carter was to take the deal the chance of him taking his life in prison would be great and he needs to get out so he can get the help he needs.

While Barb is having a bad day, Russ is having a horrendous day. Russ needs someone to talk to and he feels like Lisa is the only one who could give him the time of day, but she goes and turns her back on him. Yes, Russ lied about committing a crime, but my goodness it was years ago and it's not like he murdered anyone. Thankfully, Mark's girlfriend is there to talk to Russ and provide him with some guidance. 

While Hector has been viewed as the true villain of the show, tonight they finally give him some humanity by introducing his girlfriend. Hector has done nothing but lie, cheat, steal, etc... and it's so hard to feel bad for him because of all the terrible things he has done. The person I felt terrible for was definitely Hector's girlfriend for having to deal with his terrible behavior and being abandoned in Mexico – Hector doesn't deserve forgiveness. 

Aubry still maintains Brian sexually assaulted her and you have to wonder if she's telling the truth; though you can't blame her family for not believing her after all the lies she has told. If Aubry really did go through the sexual assault she's claiming, you can't blame her for wanting to fight for Carter's life. After all, he's the one who has saved her time and time again.

It wasn't a huge shocker learning they want to move Aliyah's protest to a park where it will only accommodate 100 people. Aliyah wants Carter's case to be examined, but it seems everyone has already made the decision about him being guilty even though they only have one witness, who's known for being a liar, in their corner and a gun which isn't even connected to Carter. 

The protest itself was hard to watch because you knew something bad was going to happen. It was heartbreaking to see the hate thrown at the people who were, for the most part, being extremely peaceful. The entire sequence was shocking and will definitely get people talking, but the most powerful moment came when the woman who wanted the races to be separated was being cradled by a black female asking if she was OK after being shot.

What did you think of "Peaceful Protest"? Do you think it's a good idea for Russ to move into Matt and Gwen's house?

There are only a few episodes left, so make sure you watch American Crime online now via TV Fanatic and let us know what you think in the comments.

Next week on American Crime Season 1 Episode 9, a confession is made which will change everyone's lives. Tony gets scared straight by an incident that happens in juvie. Russ makes a startling find. 

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