Beauty and The Beast Season 3 Promo: Love and...MARRIAGE?!

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Cohabitation is bringing out Vincent's primal issues.

Will that stop him from proposing? It's highly doubtful. And, swoon! He has a ring!

After all, Vincent always has issues, so certainly this will just be another obstacle for him and his beauty to get through together. Heck, it's better to fight the beast inside than a bunch in the bushes, right?

Take a look at the first official trailer for Beauty and the Beast Season 3 and begin to get excited, Beasties.

No matter how much time Vincent spent with Cat in the past, he's never run into these primal urges before, so we'll have to wait and see exactly what is causing them, but it really doesn't help that his BFF JT is being Donnie Downer and trying to tell him that it's possible Vincent may never get over them. 

What the heck, JT?! You're supposed to have Vincent's back!

Then again, where is the drama if it's all roses and rainbows, right? We'll take VinCat anyway we can get them, as long as they're dealing with their problems head on and together!

Beauty and The Beast premieres Thursday, May 21 on The CW. If you've missed any of the previous installment or just want a refresher, you can watch Beauty and The Beast online via TV Fanatic!

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