Jane the Virgin Round Table: Mother Knows Best?

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On Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 18, the arrival of two important family members were the root of some problems for our favorite couples.

After searching for his mother, Rafael found her, but she was not the person she was expecting. Meanwhile, Rogelio's mother chose to voice her opinion on the future of Xo and Rogelio's relationship.

Join TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Terri Clark, Amanda Steinmetz, and Mary Kate Venedam as they discuss the outcome of these visits, in addition to Andie's motives with new bestie, Jane, and Petra's possible involvement with Roman Zazo.

Who's ready? Let's begin...

Jane The Virgin Round Table 1-27-15

Should Xo tell Rogelio about the kiss with her ex-boyfriend, Marco?

Paul: I am unsure. Rogelio really knows how to push her buttons and I don't doubt that he would do the same.

Terri: Hmm, I hesitate on this. A part of me says no because she stopped it and things are good between her and Rogelio now. However, things like that always have a way of coming out and then are infinitely worse. Better to confess.

Amanda: At this point I would say no. There’s no reason to rock the boat yet. It will come out eventually, but Rogelio just stood up against his mother for Xo, so I wouldn’t say anything if I were her.

Mary Kate: Since Xo backed away from the kiss, I think she should tell him and get it over with. If Rogelio were to find out later, it could be worse for the relationship. Xo loves Rogelio; might as well get it over with and make so it doesn’t make things worse. A little mad now is better than a lot mad later.

Was Rafael right to break up with Jane, or was he caught up in his anger towards his mother?

Paul: Caught up in his anger, but this does not bode well for the two of them to reunite.

Terri: He was caught up in his anger toward his mother. Plus, I think he’s scared. He doesn’t know what kind of dad he’s going to be and he knows he hasn’t been there for Jane as he should be.

Amanda: He was definitely feeling sorry for himself and letting his anger get the best of him. He’s scared they will end up like his parents, or that Jane will resent him sooner or later.

Mary Kate: His anger with his mother definitely made matters worse. After hearing how his parents' relationship failed miserably, Rafael wanted to avoid that if he knew Jane was having frustrations about his involvement with the baby. His mistake was making it a unilateral decision and not at least having a conversation with Jane before he just dumped her.

Whose mom brought more baggage: Rogelio's or Rafael’s?

Paul: Rafael's mom. There must be a lot more to the story and I'm sure it'll be addressed soon.

Terri: I don’t think we know the true extent of what Rafael’s mom is carrying. She certainly threw a dent in things, but we need to see where things develop from here. As for Rogelio’s mom, that woman brought a freakin’ steamer trunk of problems for Xo and Ro.

Amanda: Rafael’s mom for sure. Her story may have been convincing to Rafael, but there had to have been something more dramatic that would make her stay away. Or she’s just awful!

Mary Kate: Definitely Rafael’s mom. You had to feel for Rafael as he sat there and listened to how his mom abandoned him for all that money and started a new family so close by. His mom didn’t even bother to contact him when he was an adult. Not good.

Now that Jane knows the truth about Andie, do you think she’ll confront Andie about their friendship and Michael connection?

Paul: Of course. Andie is a snake and has an ulterior motive, but what is it?

Terri: Yeah and I can’t wait to see what Andie has to say for herself. Just what is she up to?!?

Amanda: She’s going to have to! I bet Jane’s just as curious as the rest of us why Andie would keep her identity a secret. I really want to know what she’s trying to accomplish by befriending Jane.

Mary Kate: It will be interesting. Jane may be too focused on her break up for a bit, but eventually she’ll probably want answers. The question is why was Andie so focused on making friends with Jane.

If Roman Zazo has some evil plan, do you think Petra would join him or get Rafael and Michael involved?

Paul: Petra will go wherever the power is, so if there is some personal gain in store for her, she will side with him alone.

Terri: If there’s anything in it for her, she’ll go along with Roman’s plan. Unless it could somehow mean big hurt for Rafael and then I think she’d do the right thing in the end.

Amanda: I agree with Terri, she’ll get involved if it’s to her benefit, but she won’t if it harms Rafael in any way.

Mary Kate: Terri makes a good point. Petra has always seemingly looked out for whatever is best for her. However, I don’t see her going too far now that she and Rafael are on better terms.

Any favorite moment or quote from the episode? 

Paul: Favorite moment has got to be the reveal that Rogelio was lying to his mother.

Terri: I thought Alba was just adorable asking out Edward and when she found out he was a priest...priceless.

Amanda: I loved doubting Jane talking on real Jane’s shoulder making her question everything. Doubting Jane had extra sass!

Mary Kate: I agree, I loved doubting Jane! I also loved Rogelio watching as her mother and Jane met for the first time. His complete giddyness was adorable.

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