Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 17 Review: Chapter Seventeen

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I guess the honeymoon phase had to end at some point.

Jane and Rafael's relationship has been a whirlwind from the beginning. But as baby gets closer, Jane has seen a number of different sides to Rafael.

On Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 17, Jane tried to get Rafael involved in learning about 'after baby,' but unfortunately he just didn't pull through for Jane like she needed him to.

To give Rafael the benefit of the doubt, he has had a life-changing year, too. He got divorced from an unhealthy marriage, his stepmother killed his father, his sister had an affair with said stepmother, and that same woman used his father to control a drug ring. So, it's been a life-changing and confusing year.

It was hard seeing Jane with all that stress and Rafael not noticing. Rafael was the one person she wanted help from, but his lack of attention caused her to go to different sources for advice. She even resorted to the internet. Most people have gone down some 'rabbit hole' on the internet. I felt as if I was watching a horror film screaming, "Don't do it, Jane!" 

Throughout all of Jane's confusion, one person continued showing up – Jane's hypothetical daughter causing more paranoia. Was the gender of Baby Villanueva-Solano revealed without actually being revealed? Very sneaky. 

Jane did get the chance to try out some hands on parenting while helping Michael's ex, Andie, during a babysitting job. It was sweet seeing Jane trying out the parenting thing. It has me looking forward to when Jane can do that with her own baby.

It was hard to believe Jane was giving so much advice to Andie about her ex without knowing they shared an ex. The name didn't come up at all? Of course, someone did know about the connection – Andie. That was saved for the end, but I'm intrigued to know what ulterior motives Andie has for becoming BFF's with Jane.

Meanwhile, the bromance between Rogelio and Michael continued. After we saw them bond on a stakeout in Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 16, who would've thought a real friendship would be born? Rogelio was Michael's wingman, Michael gave him girlfriend advice. Could there have been a truer bromance?

Rogelio even solidified his #TeamMichael stance. 

Between you and me, I would like to declare myself #TeamMichael. But, first and foremost, I must remain #TeamJane. That means I must encourage you to #Moveon.


Rogelio was on point the entire hour. The obliviousness to Xo and her feelings, the Michael bromance, and even more, how heartbroken he was when Jane wanted him to stay away from Michael. There's no denying how entertaining the character is.

His most frustrating part was the lack of commitment, yet complete commitment to Xo. Sure, he wants Xo and his beloved mother to get along before he becomes fully committed, but they live together. They basically are fully committed. 

After all of the hostility between all members of the Villanueva family, with Rogelio and the parenting drama, they all joined together and shared what had to be the sweetest moment between the three of them. Even the narrator got choked up.

[sniff] Excuse me, I seem to have something in my eye, just give me a moment.


As much as the show may have started about the pregnancy, the series also surrounds these three women and their relationship together. Even through the bickering, they all want the best for each other and will remain by each other's side no matter what.

With that adorable moment past, another twist occurred to add to long list of those that have been uncovered. Petra revealed to Rafael that she believes Aaron Zazo is Roman Zazo. Well, I actually predicted this, but learning it may be true was still shocking. This could open new problems. If Rafael released 'Aaron,' does he know the truth? There are many questions with only so many episodes left of Jane the Virgin Season 1.

What is 'Aaron' Zazo's evil plan he must have cooking? Do you think Jane and Rafael are meant to last? How about the Rogelio/Michael bromance?

Next week, we meet Rogelio's mother on Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 18. In the meantime, make sure you catch up on anything you may have missed when you watch Jane the Virgin online via TV Fanatic.

Chapter Seventeen Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Rogelio: You are amazing.
Xo: No you are.
Rogelio: I know.

Between you and me, I would like to declare myself #TeamMichael. But, first and foremost, I must remain #TeamJane. That means I must encourage you to #Moveon.