Revenge Season 4 Episode 21 Photos: Shirtless Jack Porter Alert!

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Sunny Los Angeles definitely agrees with Jack Porter. Or maybe shirtless Jack Porter just agrees with ME. Or something. Anyway.

Jack took to the skies at the end of Revenge Season 4 Episode 20 in search of a new life for Carl on the West Coast. That life looks good on him. Or off of him. 

Sorry. I'm all flustered.

Take a look at the Revenge Season 4 Episode 21 photos to see why:

Mason Treadwell also returned at the end of "Burn," surprising Emanda at the air strip as she watched Jack fly away to his new life. Mason has a bone to pick thanks to Emanda's interview. 

There went his exclusive!

That's okay though, because he's about to land an even bigger scoop. Victoria Grayson went up in a blaze as she blew up her former home with herself inside all to frame Emily for her death.

Sneaky, sneaky, Queen V. Always scheming until the very end. 

How will Emanda and Nolan fight this war, the war which they believed was over? We'll look to the final few episodes to find out! 

Scroll through the gallery above and remember you can always get your Hamptons fix right here! Watch Revenge online now!

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

Ding dong, the bitch is dead. Victoria Grayson has actually taken her last breath.


Crazy Capote is back! I thought you had exiled him to the Maldives. Can't anyone follow a simple revenge plan?