Scorpion Season 1 Episode 22 Review: Postcards From the Edge

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You know things are going bad when your fate is in the wings of a crow. 

Oh man, Scorpion Season 1 Episode 22 was crazy. Is everyone doing okay? Your heart rate and breathing should hopefully be back to normal now. If you are still experiencing symptoms, you should see if Toby can fit you in for an appointment.

This was a suspenseful and heartbreaking hour of television. In typical Team Scorpion fashion, just as one thing gets fixed, another twelve things go wrong. It's really no longer surprising that this keeps happening, but at least there is some consistency in the craziness. It is not as if this is the only time that one thing after another has gone poorly.

Happy let Paige have it on the phone. These two have been friendly in the past. It is difficult to call them friends, but they have developed a nice working relationship. Sorry Paige, but Happy had a point. Paige left without really explaining herself to anyone. The most interesting part of Happy's call to Paige was that she mentioned Ralph. 

Happy was upset that Paige introduced the team to her amazing son, and then ripped him away from them. Even though Happy and Ralph haven't had a lot of scenes together, Happy showed in this phone call just how important he is to her. We did get some adorable scenes of Happy and Ralph in the hospital, and hopefully Scorpion Season 2 will continue to show Ralph developing relationships with everyone, and not just Walter.

There was some discussion in the comments of the Scorpion Season 1 Episode 21 Review that I didn't have time to respond to but wanted to touch on since they apply here. Walter's emotion, or lack thereof, has always been a little difficult to understand, partially because he isn't meant to be understood by average people. This is what causes him so many issues.

Sometimes, Walter is likeable, others, there is an urge to slap him upside the head. It varies. In Scorpion Season 1 Episode 21, Walter was going through a lot with Paige and Cabe, and this lead him to make some terrible choices.  It is still hard to see past him not seeming to realize how bad it was that Ralph put himself in danger.

Walter sharing memories and apologizing to Cabe made him more likable. He acted in a way that you would expect a normal person with functioning emotional skills to act when in the face of death. The most helpful thing to remedy the errors from the big fights of last week was that Walter apologized to Cabe. He stated that he was not thinking clearly, and he recognized where he had failed.

Hopefully in season two, there will be a better consistency with Walter. Sometimes his lack of emotions has been amusing, and other times, it has been something inexcusable. While we aren't always supposed to understand him, we shouldn't hate him. What's your view on Walter and his likability?

Well, I was doing fine until an untimely interface with mother nature.


Walter shared memories he had with Cabe, Toby, and Happy while he was hanging out in the car waiting to be rescued. It was really weird that he waited until the hospital to share a memory of him and Sylvester, but hey, at least it happened. Walter opening up was such a huge moment for him. This was him showing emotion. It is also really great to hear little stories that highlight the friendship Walter has with everyone. 

Personally, Walter sharing that he made sure Cabe's daughter's grave was well watered was the best thing he shared. It wasn't necessarily a memory, but something Cabe was unaware of, and it spoke volumes to how Walter feels about Cabe. The moment that made me cry was Happy's response whenever Walter started to go down memory lane with her. What was your favorite story Walter shared or tried to share?

I will not let you eulogize a memory of you and me.


We ended with Paige and Ralph back on board Team Scorpion, but there is still one issue. Cabe no longer works for Homeland Security. Now, I don't know much about how Homeland operates, but it seems doubtful they will be able to relocate funds for Scorpion, and that they will rehire Cabe and let him have his old job. Quitting and getting rehired are not simple tasks that can be fixed with a simple, "Hey I'm back now." 

In the hospital, Richard Elliot made the entire team an offer to join his think tank. Even though Paige shot him down, Mr. Elliot has shown that he is persistent. He has been courting Walter ever since he helped saved Richard's daughter in Scorpion Season 1 Episode 17. Working for a think tank would certainly change the show up a bit.

It is hard to picture what kinds of cases they would take on. Working for Homeland has allowed Team Scorpion to work a variety of cases. There have been murders, kidnappings, diplomatic negotiations, and so much more. What, exactly, would they do for Mr. Elliot? Do you think Team Scorpion should take the think tank job or will things with Homeland work themselves out?

I don't like that look. Do I need to throw down a copy of the power of positive thinking?


Alright, a quick couples round up. There is hope for Quintis, after all! It would have felt off if Happy suddenly was ready to go back out with Toby after what he did, but by asking him to babysit with her, she invited him to spend time with her outside of work. It's a start. Toby probably did a happy dance at some point.

Paige kissed Walter at the end and said she cared about him. While it makes sense that Walter almost dying would cause Paige to re-evaluate some things, this was still a little much. It would have been okay if she had just stayed with Walter while he slept because it showed how much she cares for him. Honestly, Megan and Sylvester are more interesting than Walter and Paige. I would rather see the them be adorable. What are your shipper thoughts?

What did you think of the finale? Don't worry, there will be a season two. Is anyone else concerned about Paige's bag that she left at the airport? TSA has probably quarantined that entire area.

To hold you over until fall, feel free to watch Scorpion online anytime via TV Fanatic!

Postcards From the Edge Review

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Can I please have a little emotional escapism while we trace his phone?


We're not going down without a fight. Isn't this worth it?