The Flash Photo Gallery: The Shapeshifter and the Fanboy!

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Is Black Canary getting help with her sonic scream?

It sure appears that way if we look at the photos from The Flash Season 1 Episode 19, "Who is Harrison Wells?" below.

A lot is coming together from The Flash look ahead video we've already seen with the help of these photos. Was Barry really punching Eddie in the face and tossing him through the wall or was it the shapeshifter? Was Barry kissing Caitlin or was it the shapeshifter?

That's right, Hannibal bates can turn himself into anyone he pleases and in doing so should turn a few heads and really scramble the brains of our favorite Central City citizens. Caitlin will probably realize she feels a little more than friendship for Barry while Barry gets to let loose some aggression on Eddie.

Meanwhile, Joe and Cisco head off to Starling City for help investigating the life of Harrison Wells. Could that body they uncovered in the video be the drained corpse of Harrison Wells?!? That would certainly be a twist and it would be why the entire team is huddled around it in the photos above.

It's absolutely adorable seeing Cisco fanboying over Laurel after learning she's the Black Canary, and unless I'm reading it all wrong, she hands him what looks like a sound device and he gives back to her a choker. Will she wear that to achieve her sonic scream, perhaps in conjunction with her natural voice? How awesome would that be?

This looks to be one hell of an installment so bring on April 21st please! Be here afterward for a full review, as always! In the meantime, you can watch The Flash online to catch up and get another look at that preview video to help sort things out below.

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Laurel: Cisco, I know Barry's The Flash and Oliver's the Arrow.
Cisco: [laughs uncomfortably] HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?
Laurel: Because. I'm the Black Canary.
Cisco: Stop.
Laurel: It's true.
Cisco: You stop it right now. No! [laughs hysterically]
Laurel: Calm down.
Cisco: you. I mean, I love the way that you beat up criminals and...wait. Why are you telling me this?

You're good, Barry Allen, you're very good.