The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 5 Review: The Wedding Deception

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Shenanigans ensued as Oscar and Felix embark on an old friend's wedding on The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 5

Felix wanted to use the opportunity to prove to his wife that he's a changed man, whereas Oscar pretty much just wanted to get into the pants of an old crush.

Did Felix really expect Ashley to believe he'd changed that much in such a short time?

The Wedding Agenda - The Odd Couple

This whole Ashley thing has me baffled. She was with him for fifteen years and now she's decided she can't stand his neurotic behavior? Isn't that something she should have figured out in the dating stage? It would be one thing if he had changed over the years and was no longer the man she fell in love with, but that's not the case. 

I know Felix still loves her, but he shouldn't have to change who he is to make her happy. Hopefully he comes to that realization and is able to move on.

Preferably, not with Emily. She is pathetic and reeks of desperation, which I personally do not find funny. The girl needs to find some self-respect. Maybe she can spend more time hanging out with Dani: 

Foot off the gas, let him find it.


Sadly we did not get much Dani. She's still my favorite character and one of the few things that makes watching this show bearable. 

I've decided Oscar is basically an unsuccessful version of Joey from Friends. He's loyal to his friends (albeit begrudgingly), and spends most of his time chasing after women. The only real difference is that Joey usually ended up in bed with the girl. I guess he's more like Chandler in that regard. 

The wedding jokes were all mostly predictable and tired. Everything that could go wrong for Oscar did, and none of it was very funny. Emily was basically just stuck going along with whatever the guys came up with, but at least she blackmailed Oscar to get her jewelry business on his radio show. It wasn't much, but even Oscar was impressed she had the backbone to do that. 

Alas, things were not meant to be with Olivia, who ended up believing Oscar and Felix were gay. It's ridiculous that we're supposed to believe that Oscar didn't pick up on that and find it funny, but how many times has that been done before? 

I'm curious if the two weeks off will affect the ratings at all, but chances are it'll continue to do pretty well thanks to its cushy lead-in. 

If you're still watching, you can watch The Odd Couple online any time. 

The Wedding Deception Review

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