The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 19 Review: Because

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If you thought we weren't at least going to attempt to go back to 1903 before the end of the season, you were wrong.

At the end of The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 19, in addition to professing his love for Elena, Damon Salvatore also decided that he wants to be human, too.

But one cure only works for one vampire, so you see where this is going, right? Yep. Bring on the Heretics!

I admit to having skipped The Vampire Diaries books, but I do know that early-ish on in the series, Damon becomes human again. Whether this plot twist is a callback to the books or just a convenient excuse to have Damon lobby to return to 1903, I have no idea. Either way, I like it. 

When the cure was first put back into play after Bonnie's return, the easy solution to their problem was to visit other prison worlds, creating them if they had to, in order to gather up as many cures as they needed for whichever vampires no longer wanted to be vampires and then have a big ol' drinking party!


Since we know that the cure can only be taken by one vampire, Damon and Elena can't share this one. They'll have to return to 1903 in order to get another cure for him.

How he's going to get Bonnie Bennett to be okay with this idea is anyone's guess. She totally played him like a fiddle tonight when she shoved the Ascendant in his direction daring him to take it. For multiple reasons, I'm glad he didn't.

Bonnie is finally standing up for herself after returning from her extended stay in the 1990s and I could not be more proud of her. She's been everyone's witchy doormat for too long, being called upon when her friends need some magic, used, and then used again. It's about time she started saying no.

By not taking the Ascendant from her, Damon respected her decision to be her own person, her own agent. Good job, dude! 

Then there's the very obvious reason he didn't take it: Bonnie was right. 

Damon doesn't want Elena to become human because that would ruin them. He can't live a life with a woman who's going to grow old and die while he stays exactly the same forever and it wouldn't be fair of him to expect her to stay with him while she ages. She couldn't have a normal life as a human if she stayed with a vampire. It just couldn't work. 

Yes, Damon was selfish not to tell Elena about the cure, to want to give it away or see it destroyed, but having finally found the love of his life, can we really blame him? (Sure, sure, if you love something let it go...blah blah blah...)

What I'm saying is, I get it. I understand why he didn't want her to have it. Mostly because I knew that he would eventually decide he "can't be selfish" with her. He's never been able to be selfish with her. 

So now the plan is that they'll both become human together, which pretty much makes me think that instead of riding off into the sunset as a human, Elena Gilbert is going to die, and on her deathbed, that flash forward Julie Plec teased will be a vision Damon gives her just as she takes her final breath.

We've seen far too much of the vampire mind magic lately not to see it again before the end of the season, and since Damon's moments with Rose were among some of the kindest he's ever had, it's totally in his character to let her die thinking about what her human life might have been like.

Or maybe that won't happen at all. The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 20 will probably give us some insight.

As for Caroline, it was pretty clear that she would flip her humanity back on this episode, but man, did I love the idea that she busted out of there and sped off down the highway, humanity-free and no you-know-whats to give, ready to eat the first cop who pulled her over.

But then I really loved that Stefan was all inside her mind and that giving her visions of her mother, real memories more specifically, was the thing that pushed her over the edge, since that meant we got Marguerite McIntyre back for a bit. 

A big thumbs down to her practically telling Stefan to date Caroline though. That was odd, even if she did claim the ability to be blunt on account of being on her deathbed. 

One thing's clear after that scene: Stefan is TERRIBLE at pretending to be humanity-free when he really isn't. It's pretty incredible the way Paul Wesley can flip between the sides of Stefan like that so that the posture and carriage of Ripper Stefan and Humanity Stefan make him seem like two different people entirely. I'm not sure how Caroline didn't notice, but okay. Maybe she was too busy with the sandpaper veins and trying to sex him up while he was desiccating.

Anyway. Caroline's humanity is back on and now she's headed for a shame spiral because of the havoc she caused. We can probably expect her control-freak pendulum to swing toward the opposite extreme now. I wouldn't put it past her to adopt a bunny diet as some sort of contrition for the people she killed. Or she'll organize a fundraiser in honor of her victims. That's a total Caroline move.

As for Enzo and Lily, Enzo's story is made infinitely more interesting because of his relation to Lily and her inability to control herself without someone, or multiple someones, to anchor her. I love that she called Enzo, and I love that he went, hugging her and consoling her. 

I'm still holding out hope for Enzo to get a good story. The writers have three episodes to make it happen.

What did you think of "Because?" How are you feeling about the cure and Damon's desire to become human?

Are you glad Caroline's humanity is back? Sound off in the comments below and remember you can watch The Vampire Diaries online right here at TV Fanatic!

Because Review

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