Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Stockholm

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What the hell just happened?

Things were going so swimmingly on Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 10 and it almost seemed as if Russ might make a positive turn in his attitude when suddenly the end rolled up. Did he actually take a few steps backwards?

It sure seems like it. I guess kidnapping didn't bring Russ the second chance at new relationships I was expecting AT ALL.

"Stockholm" was a really fun hour overall because it took a man who did threw away his future, which was secured within days, and tossed it out the window for the love of an old friend an a promise he made while he was dying.

They sure took the winding road to get to Mitchell's story, but I'm very glad they did as it gave the man a chance to share his unique perspective on life with Russ. God knows Russ needs new perspectives.

From the moment Russ was kidnapped, meanwhile, Milt was beside himself. He cares about Russ very much, and even let it slip.

Commander: You're putting us in charge?
Milt: No, I can't do that, but I want this investigation driven by the people to whom it matters the most. That's us! The people who care about Russ the most.

Milt was going to run the force ragged in their attempt to find Russ, and he was shocked when he found the Commander just sitting in her car at one point. But she wasn't just sitting, she was waiting for pharmacies to contact her with Russ' plan, one they cooked up years ago when they used to play "what happens when we're kidnapped."

That game could have gotten Russ killed since he didn't expect his kidnapper to be quite so caring. Then again, he also made sure he gave him what he needed for too much insulin, too.

It was also fun that Mitchell pointed out to Russ Milt didn't offer himself up as a hostage to be a hero, but because he's a friend. Mitchell was surprised at the hostility residing inside of Russ.

Mitchell: Lighten up. Loosen your sphincter for 20 minutes and go have a beer with the guy. Let him into your life. Maybe get a life.
Russ: It's just a pointless, futile gesture to make him look good.
Mitchell: He cares!!! Sometimes the only way to care is with a futile, pointless gesture.

The guy was days away from being released from prison after a 20 year sentence and he broke out to see his niece get married. Like Milt, I wondered why she couldn't postpone for just one week, but she was marrying a man who was being deployed. Thank goodness they had a reason. 

Both Russ and Milt had tears in their eyes as they participated in the wedding and, dammit, I did, too. Not only because it was sweet, but because I honestly thought something might be growing here. Were Russ and Milt finally going to grow beyond their childish bickering and get that beer? Were they doing to become friends (or at least friendLY?)?

Was it Holly's return that screwed things up? At this point, Russ needs to get over her. If he doesn't have the balls to make a move, then walk away for good man. That means no more brushing up and smelling her hair, either. 

When Milt asked Russ to get that beer, it appeared that the fresh start was underway. When Russ said no, I was floored. I also wanted to ram my fist through the television. I can't support Russ any longer. Hot Russ? You're a loser. People reach out and you act like me. Trust me, that's not cool. 

The flash of happy Mitchell, alone in his cell but satisfied that he had done a solid for his dear, lost friend and miserable Russ, alone for all the wrong reasons was a great ending. Russ is doing it all wrong.

With the cancellation, I have no hopes he'll get it right before we reach the end. Next week, we have Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 11 AND Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 12 to move us even further toward the end so we're talking about three episodes and it's all over. What are the odds we see happiness before then? I'm not hopeful.

You can watch Battle Creek online to catch up before it's all over. It's definitely worth the watch, so don't let the bad news get you down.

Stockholm Review

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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Commander: You're putting us in charge?
Milt: No, I can't do that, but I want this investigation driven by the people to whom it matters the most. That's us! The people who care about Russ the most.

Russ: You're not really thinkin' about taking Milt up on his offer, are you?
Mitchell: Would that be a bad thing? For you?
Russ: I can't go through the rest of my life knowing that man saved me. He's a narcissistic, manipulative ass that the whole world treats like a God when it is really just the exact opposite.
Mitchell: Can I give you some advice?
Russ: Sure.
Mitchell: Stop being a douche.