DVD/Blu-Ray Releases: Parenthood Boxed Set, Girls, Masters of Sex and More!

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Parenthood: Complete Series: Just as you may have put the tissues away for good after the recent series finale of NBC's long-running Parenthood, it's time to get the tissues out and relive the drama all over again. A fabulous boxed set of the beloved Jason Katims series is available starting May 5th and it includes all six seasons (103 episodes) of the ups and downs in the lives of the Braverman family. 

Parenthood Complete Series DVD

Girls Season 4: The HBO comedy just finished airing its fourth season and it's already available for download digitally. In this season, Hannah starts out in Iowa in a creative writing program but things quickly go South. Even her gay BFF Elijah joining her for some fun doesn't totally make Iowa the place she needs to be. As for the rest of the girls, everyone is going through personal and professional drama so this is great season to watch. Arrests, parents coming out of the closet and, of course, romance highs and lows make this season of Girls a must-see. You can download the entire fourth right now on Itunes

Masters Of Sex: Season 2: Before the third season of Showtime's period drama about the origins of Masters and Johnson and their sex studies, the second season is out on Blu-ray and DVD and is well worth your look. Some of the best acting in television today can be seen in this series with Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan leading the cast. And if you're like me and love a great character drama where you really get to peel back the layers, this show is for you. 

I Love Lucy: I Love Moms Edition: What DVD comes with four classic episodes that showcase Lucy (Lucille Ball) as Mom but also comes with a DVD case that has a built-in greeting card? This new release is the perfect Mother's Day gift and is available now. The four episodes are: Lucy Is Enceinte, Lucy Goes To The Hospital, No Children Allowed and Nursery School.

The Fugitive: Complete Series: You know a series has made its mark if people still talk about it 50 years later and that's the case with the 60s thriller, The Fugitive. David Janssen stars as Richard Kimble, who is accused of killing his wife and spends the next four seasons (120 episodes) tracking down the real killer. And, yes, this is the same series that inspired the Harrison Ford film, too. But the series is a wonder to watch as Kimble tries to get his life back while helps people in need along the way (and risks being discovered). The entire series is available May 5th on a new DVD box set. 

Naked & Afraid: Season 1: While the title and the concept almost seems like something you'd see in a skit on Saturday Night Live, the reality series that puts a man and a woman - both of whom are sans clothing - out in the middle of nowhere and then watches as they look for food and battle anything that crosses their paths captivated audiences from the start. The first season is out on DVD so dive into the series and prepare to be more drawn in than you may have initially imagined. 

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