Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 9 Review: I Knew You Were Trouble

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Well, the long teased scene finally arrived. Max and Carter got it on.

For me, that was one of the least interesting things to happen on Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 9.

Ok, I was little shocked that they moved beyond a make-out session, but we've known from the beginning Carter and Max had a history.

As much as fans have been getting all up in arms about Carter making a move on her sister's man, technically, Max and Carter were together long before he was with Taylor. This was just a return to old. familiar ways for both of them.

The whole road trip with Max (including the sexy times) served to reinforce to us how important Max and Carter are to each other. Their interlude is more about setting up drama down the road than any rekindling of romance. Two important questions were raised: When will Taylor find out? and Why does Max drive around with a set a sheets in his truck?

Of course the whole reason that the two were even in a position to "rekindle" things was because of Lori. Tonight's episode did a fair job trying to deal with mental illness and the impact it has patient, as well as those around them. Madison got to play mental illness advocate, her lines sounding a little trite when you consider the extreme consequences of Lori's illness.

She's obviously sick. Seriously, if she had cancer, would you abandon her?


That isn't to say that she was wrong. Mental health issues do have an unfair stigma attached to them. I wish Carter had been more explicit when she said that you can't compare the two, and reminded Madison (and us) that Lori had previously been treated for mental illness and she chose to stop her treatment.  

The analogy is also undermined by Lori's manipulative behavior. Props to Milena Govich for playing the scene so well. I was sold on the drugged out disassociation right up until she turned to the nurse, revealing to us that Lori's deceptive tendencies are stronger than the mood stabilizers. 

The use of flashbacks to show us Carter's internal processing of the situation was effective, but it would have been nice to have three original scenes instead of two and a montage. It was interesting how she acknowledged she hadn't been dealing with the Lori situation, especially after her discussion with Taylor in Finding Carter Season Two Episode 7

Remind me again why no one except Grant seems to be in therapy?

Taylor's story this evening was centered on the charity event (pageant? fashion show? general objectification of women? opportunity for moderately wealthy bored women to one up each other?) she was "chairing." She didn't really seem to do much for the event except show up, but it'll look good on her college applications. 

Why does it look like a beauty pageant blew up in my house?!


Mainly, she spent her day being annoyed that Elizabeth was freaking out over Carter and her Lori problems. This is where I wish her drug "problem" hadn't been Jessie Spano-ed but instead drawn out for a more satisfying conclusion. It would have made her a more interesting character, and it also would have been more realistic to have her slowly spiral out of control until her parents meet her. 

The scene between sisters at the end was, as always, touching, if not more than a little bittersweet tonight. I'm hoping Max and Carter don't have to reveal their secret to Taylor because of a pregnancy scare, even if it would be good drama. Their relationship is delicate after 13 years apart, and it might not survive.

I was disappointed there was no Grant tonight, especially after Gabe's scenes. The two of them need to pair up and reverse Parent Trap Elizabeth and Kyle. Gabe was actually insightful with Elizabeth, even if I couldn't decide whether he was motivated out of true concern for his dad or because living with two cops might mean he would actually get caught at the stupid stuff he pulls.

Elizabeth: Things are, uh, very complicated
Gabe: Yeah well, most everything in life is. But, the people who want to be together tend to make it work. So I'm just saying, maybe the whole complicated thing, is just an excuse.

Side note:  Since when are 17 year olds allowed to tend bar?

Kyle would have done well to listen to his son. David and Elizabeth are rehabilitating their relationship, albeit slowly. The only positive thing to come out of this storyline is watching them get back together.

It never rang true that Elizabeth, who had a recent, prolonged affair (with a coworker!) would be able to justify enough anger at David's one night stand 10 years ago to warrant a divorce. Still, it's been touching watching them support each other even as they officially separate.

I'll continue to say that the core of the show is a family recovering from an unimaginable trauma, and the show is its strongest when it remembers that. Unlike last season, David is supporting Elizabeth through her pain and insecurity instead of resenting her for it. His reassurances to her are strengthening to both of them.

Elizabeth: Lori doesn't deserve her
David: Liz, I know you're afraid, but she's coming back. She's ours. Yours and mine.

In the far background of the episode was a B plot (okay, more like C or D plot) about Bird being abandoned by her parents (which is tragic,) and having her country club membership canceled (less tragic to everyone but Bird). Her adventure with Madison ended predictably for the young artist, some kissing with a side of liquid courage.  

Watch Finding Carter online and let us know what you thought about the infamous hookup, what Lori's long con could be, and if you think Damon will ever manage to become an interesting character.

I Knew You Were Trouble Review

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Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Elizabeth: Lori doesn't deserve her
David: Liz, I know you're afraid, but she's coming back. She's ours. Yours and mine.

Why does it look like a beauty pageant blew up in my house?!