Finding Carter Season 2: Picked Up for 12 More Episodes!

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Are you ready for more drama about the twins, Carter and Taylor? Wonderful, because Finding Carter Season 2 just received an additional 12 episodes to their current order!

That's not the only good news, as it was delivered by none other than Max himself, Alex Saxon, which likely means he'll be sticking around as an honorary member of the Wilson family well into the additional 12 installments. 

If you haven't been watching Finding Carter, it follows the story of Carter, who was kidnapped at age three. In finding Carter Season 2, it was discovered that her kidnapper, Lori, was actually her biological mother by way of egg donation, and things got a whole lot trickier for Carter, her fraternal twin sister, Taylor and their entire family.

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Finding Carter Quotes

Carter: You drugged me.
Lori: I know baby, I'm sorry. I had to.

Max: I made a really big mistake, breaking us up. I was going through a lot.
Taylor: That will happen when someone shoots you.
Max: Yeah, but I don't want to be apart. We had a really great thing going and I think we should have it again, now, if that's OK.