Forever: Canceled at ABC!

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Dr. Henry Morgan has been dying and coming back to life for the past 200 years, but the television series on which he's been doing it will no longer give him the chance to keep on living.

ABC has opted not to renew Forever for a second season.

Royal Lineage - Forever

Star Ioan Gruffudd's wife took to Twitter on Thursday night to share her feelings. "Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but ABC decided tonight not to renew FOREVER for a 2cnd season. It's brutal, but that's show business." And again, "Ioan is a little shaken right now but he wants to reach out and thank the wonderful, loving fans who made the whole experience so magic."

Other shows to be canceled by ABC include Cristela, Resurrection and The Taste. 

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Forever Quotes

It has been said that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken. That we are only truly gone when we disappear from the memories of those who loved us, meaning a great artist never dies along as his books are read, his paintings admired, as long as our songs are sung, may each of us live forever. As for me, maybe its time to learn a new song, fortunately i have an excellent teacher.


Henry. You can learn a lot from a body. How a life was lived. What was their pain. Suffering Life experiences. Even i they were loved. But what a body can't tell you is why and for those left behind that seems to be the only question that matters,