Forever Season 1 Episode 22 Review: The Last Death of Henry Morgan

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In case you missed it, the Forever Season 1 finale aired tonight. I know, I know. Thank goodness for DVRs we can set so we never miss our favorite shows when networks yank them all around on the programming line-up, right?

Forever Season 1 Episode 22 saw Henry Morgan go head to head with his adversary and arch-nemesis Adam. Henry emerged victorious, and the battle was not without some bloodshed.

Let's ignore the fact that the very, very, VERY rare dagger Adam was searching for just happened to end up in New York City in a random rare artifact collection in a museum. And let's also forget that Walter Bishop is a rare weapons expert who also dabbles in the diaries of Josef Mengele. (Seriously. Let's ignore those parts.)

We now know that Henry is, in fact, immortal. Adam's theory that the original weapon which killed them is the only one which can make sure they stay dead proved false as Adam shot Henry during their duel in the subway tunnels. Oh well. It was a good theory.

I had a few theories of my own as to how it would play out with these weapons. 

Maybe they would turn to ash like Mother Gothel as she falls from the tower in Tangled leaving nothing but their personal effects behind. Nope. Maybe they would be reborn a single time and from that life they would go on to live a normal, mortal life. Nope. 

We just have two immortals here on Earth for eternity and one of them is now trapped in some sort of paralyzed state thanks to Henry Morgan's exceptional syringe skills. 

When Henry whispered "I'm not a killer. I'm a doctor!" I sent out mental high-fives in his direction. He's not a killer. He doesn't have it in him to do that and I love that no matter what Adam has had to say about how easy it is to become a killer, Henry has remained steadfast in his resolution not to go there.

Truthfully, it doesn't seem hard for him to stay away from killing people, but give him another 1800 years on the planet and things might get a little dicey, you know?

The dagger quest wasn't even the biggest part of the night. That came in the form of the Will-He-Won't-He drama with Jo. 

Jo's a smart woman. She knows Henry's keeping secrets from her and he knows that she's starting to mean more to him than just being a good friend. However clunky the setup for those two has been, and yeah, it's been super clunky, this isn't a secret he can keep from her for eternity. Given how erratic he sometimes seems, it might be a good idea to clue her in, you know?

Now that Jo has found the photo of Abe, Abigail, and Henry from the 1940s, the question we might never get to answer is, "Will Henry tell Jo the truth?" Unless this show returns, we're left to our imaginations about what, exactly, transpired after the credits rolled.

Did Henry spill the entire story for her, starting with his father becoming a slave trader and his volunteering to go on a ship as a doctor only to sink the entire operation and ending up immortal? Or did he just say, "yeah, so, I can't die and that's why I like to swim naked at random times," only with more Henry Morgan finesse?

The fact that we might not ever find out what he said and how she reacted is maddening. I can only hope that we'll get at least a partial season to wrap this up. We need to know if Jo accepted his story with as much grace as Abigail did once upon a time or if she's going to shut him out and that will be the main storyline for Forever Season 2.

Throw us a bone, ABC. Do it for the fans! 

If not, I suppose we'll have to watch Forever online in order to console ourselves with the absence of Ioan Gruffudd from our lives. 

What did you think of the season finale of Forever? Did Henry finally break down and tell Jo the truth? How will she react? Sound off in the comments below!

The Last Death of Henry Morgan Review

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Abigail Morgan was a wife and a mother. A friend. But more than that, for me she was an angel. She found two lost souls and turned us into a family. Thank you, mom. I love you.