Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Has Meredith Changed?

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We're back for the last Grey's Anatomy round table of the season!

After the shocking death of Derek Shepherd, we really had no idea what to expect on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 24. Thankfully, this particular season finale may have been exactly what the audience needed, ending on a happier note with no surprising cliffhangers.

Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Amanda Steinmetz, Mary Kate Venedam, and Ashley Bissette Sumerel for a discussion of "You're My Home."

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Were you surprised that Jackson told April he wouldn't wait for her again?

Stacy: No, I was proud of him. He has always been patient and supportive of her and April has just been selfish. I can't believe she kept pushing back her return and never even asked him how he was doing. I get that she was grieving, but so was he, and she didn't take that into account. They needed each other. I don't blame him for not wanting to put himself through that again.

Amanda: Not really, but the situation will suck either way. If April chooses to go, then her marriage is over. If she stays, she may end up resenting Jackson later on for making her choose. I agree that she handled things wrong by only thinking of her own grief. The whole thing just sucks, because I love this couple. At least Alex and Jo didn't break up!

Mary Kate: As sad as it is, I don't blame him. Every point he made about leaving him behind was completely valid. Even though Jackson didn't show it to April, he was obviously hurting from their son's death, but April was more concerned about her recovery than his. I don't want them to break up, but in this case, Jackson is right.

Ashley: I agree that he did the right thing, though I also think April leaving is the best thing for her. I wish we could see them work it out, especially since they are together because Jackson spoke up before April was about to marry someone else.

Based on this episode, how do you think Meredith's character has changed since Derek's death, if at all?

Stacy: She's finally at a point where she's not pushing everyone away, which is nice. She's making an effort with Amelia, even wanting her to move into the old house with her. She was supportive of Maggie, and I loved that she told off Richard and Catherine. She's right, life's too short to bicker about the little things.

Amanda: I think she's progressed, but I wish we had gotten to see how she progressed and dealt with her grief. I'm still sour over the whole time jump situation. She'll probably always be a little bit self-centered, because she always has been, but it was nice to see her with her sisters. I hope we get more of that next season.

Mary Kate: I don't know if she has changed at all. I think after Amelia's confrontation, she is more conscious about how much she hurt those when she left them behind.

Ashley: It looks like she's learning a little more about herself, and I agree with Stacy that it's nice to see her at a place where she isn't pushing everyone away.

What did you make of the flashback to Derek on the ferry boat as Amelia listened to that voicemail?

Stacy: I kept hearing that Patrick had taken pictures on the ferryboat, so it's good we finally got to see that scene. It was a really sweet, final send off showing Derek happy doing what he loved most. I'm glad Meredith shared that voicemail with Amelia.

Amanda: I was rolling my eyes. I found it way too heavy-handed. You don't leave a voicemail like that, and not die...

Mary Kate: I'm glad Amelia got that closure. She felt so betrayed by Meredith, and that moment with the voicemail gave Amelia a little bit of Derek that she missed. Her reaction to hearing his voice was so heartbreaking, but so nice.

Ashley: I think it was a nice final send off, particularly because he was on a ferryboat. And it was important for Amelia to get that closure. It's heartbreaking how happy he was, though.

Did you have a favorite quote or scene from "You're My Home?

Stacy: Bailey and Ben celebrating her becoming chief (though prematurely) made me laugh, but my favorite scene has to go to Meredith telling off Richard and Catherine. I loved when she was like "yeah, I'm going to play that card" and reminded them what they'd already lost. Or, at least what Richard lost since she didn't know for Catherine.

Amanda: My favorite scene was Bailey telling Richard how she was still going to succeed in becoming the next Chief even though she'll face competition. She was hilarious and awesome!

Mary Kate: I liked the final scene with Meredith, Maggie, and Amelia. Meredith was able to open up about the last moment in the house and the three bonded as sisters. The best was how Meredith told them to "dance it out" and not having any idea what that meant. It was a nice way to end the season with all of them dancing it out in Meredith and Derek's house for the last time.

Ashley: I loved all of those scenes, but I think I agree with Mary Kate most on the "dance it out" scene. It was nice to end on a positive note with the three of them bonding.

On a scale of 1-10, how does this episode rank in terms of Grey's Anatomy season finales?

Stacy: That's hard. If I'm comparing it to past season finales, it doesn't measure up to the plane crash, shooting, prom, etc, but it was exactly what we needed for this particular season. We just had a major death and a catastrophic finale with a cliffhanger leaving characters' lives in the balance would have been too much for this season. So, compared to other finales, it's probably only like a 4, but for being what we needed for this season, I'd give it an 8.

Amanda: While this season definitely needed a happy ending, I just haven't been on board with the writing since Derek's death. I didn't really feel emotional (neither sad nor happy), so I'll give this finale a 3.5.

Mary Kate: It is hard to compare this against other finales because everything is so different season to season. Because of how the previous episodes were so depressing and sad with everyone, mostly Derek's death, I was not expecting the finale to be any different. Luckily, the finale took much happier tone and ended on a much better note despite everything, so it's hard to compare to the dramatic finales that Grey's has had (and they've had a lot). I think I'll agree with Stacy and give it an 8.

Ashley: I completely agree. The earlier seasons of Grey's will always be my favorites, and this certainly wasn't the best finale overall. But, it is exactly what we needed after losing Derek. I also really loved the focus on Meredith and the fact we didn't end on a cliffhanger. So, I'll go with an 8 as well.

What did you think of this episode of Grey's Anatomy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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