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If you're still recovering from than near miss with Major and Liv, then you're not alone! 

On the whole, iZombie Season 1 Episode 11, moved so much plot forward in so many place that all of us on the iZombie Round Table were left reeling. We've only got two episodes left in the season, and things are certainly ratcheting up towards an epic finale! Thank goodness there's a confirmed Season 2 renewal, or it would be about time to start panicking!

Join TV Fanatics Whitney Evans, Stacy Glanzman, Terri Clark, Amanda Steinmetz, and Lindsay MacDonald for a discussion about Ravi's cure, Liv's hallucinations, and Blaine next move!

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Izombie Round Table

Favorite joke/scene/quote of the episode?

Whitney: I was a big fan of all the scenes between Liv and Johnny Frost. I could watch him dance all day.

Stacy: I laughed watching Liv talk to the vending machine and Clive's reaction to it. That and Ravi asking if he could eat a chip, and she said the devil seemed okay with it.

Terri: I agree with Whitney. Daran Norris was hilarious as Johnny.

Amanda: I loved every time Liv hallucinated the devil. The visuals and commentary were hilarious.

Lindsay: I love to see Veronica Mars peeps on iZombie, so I'm going with Daran Norris' presence as a whole. He was fantastic!

Who else was TOTALLY fooled by the Major hallucination? Did you love it? Hate it?

Whitney: I thought it might be some kind of dream because Major's reaction was far too calm. There is just no way after everything he's been through he would be that understanding. So I wasn't completely fooled, however, I was still crushed seeing Liv's face once she realized her confession never happened. It's starting to feel like Major is going to find out on his own though, which will put a big wedge into the Liv/Major reconciliation.

Stacy: I immediately thought no, it's too soon for him to know, and then thought it might not be real. I agree with Whitney that his reaction was way too calm.

Terri: I also thought Major's reaction was too calm. Then I had a moment where I really liked his response because it was unexpected. Overall, I thought the fake-out was well done, it was clever how they tied it to her hallucinations.

Amanda: I was definitely suspicious as the scene played out. As it was happening, I thought the whole reveal was a letdown and anti climatic, so I'm glad it wasn't real.

Lindsay: I actually thought it was a great change-up to typical "finding out about the supernatural" trope, since it's usually ultra-dramatic and OMG! It was way too easy though, I agree, but I'm still so sad for Liv that it turned out to be fake. And I was totally tricked. 

Ravi and Peyton are dating apparently? Was this something that deserved on-screen development, or just a throwaway excuse to work Peyton into the story?

Whitney: Are they a legit couple now? It did seem kind of odd because we haven't seen Peyton in awhile, but good for Ravi, I guess. More Ravi on-screen would be wonderful, but I'm still not sold on Peyton or her usefulness on this show.

Stacy: Peyton does not hold my attention, but I love Ravi, so if putting them together makes her more relevant, then I can get behind it.

Terri: The whole thing seemed a bit odd to me, like it was either a first date or like Peyton didn't think of it as anything more than casual the way she begged Liv to stay. At this point they either really need to do some character development for her or cut her loose.

Amanda: They need to figure out how to work in these supporting characters better. I want to care about Peyton, but they aren't showing her enough. The same goes for the other side characters. What ever happened to Liv's mom and brother?

Lindsay: I couldn't decide if it was a first date, or if they'd been dating for weeks. Peyton was super casual and they ended the night with sex, so that leads me to believe that it was nothing new. But we've legitimately NEVER seen these two together so... I agree with Amanda, this show's main weakness is its tendency to ignore all its side characters.

Now that Ravi might have a cure, what should his first priority be?

Whitney: He needs to keep testing before he does anything crazy, like try to give the cure to a zombie! There could be unforeseen side effects or any number of issues with the cure.

Stacy: For now he's still testing on the rats, but eventually he'll have to test it on a real zombie. That's the only way he'll know if it works. I'm curious to see who the first guinea pig will be.

Terri: Definitely more testing. I have a feeling it's not that easy.

Amanda: There will definitely be some sort of side effect, but we won't know until either something happens to the rat or Ravi uses it on a human zombie.

Lindsay: I'm thinking Liv might try to cure Blaine. It will be much easier to take him down in a fight if he's human after all. 

Major stole Blaine's astro-brains and has declared war on zombies! Will Liv come clean or hold back again?

Whitney: I think she's going to continue to hold back and ultimately Major is going to put two and two together, effectively putting the kibosh on their romantic future for now.

Stacy: I think she'll hold back. She thought she'd already told him, and I think it would be extremely difficult to do it again, especially seeing how anti-zombie he is. It would be hard for him to accept that she's a good one.

Terri: She'll keep mum, but the proverbial crap is going to hit the fan soon, and it won't be pretty. My concern is that it's all so predictable. Should we tell him? No, we shouldn't. Major gets closer to figuring out the truth. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. And then he figures out the truth and is massively pissed at them. I feel like the rest of the show is really fresh, but the Major storyline needs a shake-up.

Amanda: It's in Liv's best interest to tell him, but that won't happen. He'll find out on his own, and it will cause a rift. If she clued Major in on everything going down, he could better protect himself and be aware of what he's getting himself into. It would also help him see that not all zombies are bad.

Lindsay: It seems predictable that Liv will keep quiet out of fear, and her lies with end up driving a wedge between her and Major for Season 2.

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iZombie Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I got a giant Indian to throw a sink through the window and jumped to freedom. Nah, I'm just kidding. I checked myself out.


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