iZombie Round Table: Is Lowell Dead-Dead?

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Are you still crying? We're still crying. Why do the good always die so tragically young?

If you've been reading these round tables with any consistency, you know that we could pretty much double as a Lowell fan club, which is why seeing him meet his end in iZombie Season 1 Episode 9 was so tough for us. Actually, we're all in various states of denial still, some more firmly than others...

Join the discussion with TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Terri Clark, Whitney Evans, Amanda Steinmetz, and Lindsay MacDonald as we talk through Lowell's final fate, Major's new discovery, and how on earth Blaine could ever be a likable character again after what he just did. 

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Izombie Round Table

Favorite scene/joke/quote?

Stacy: I liked when Ravi was sniffing the brains and told Liv that zombieism wasn't transferable across species. I liked Liv's reaction that next time he should worry her.

Terri: When Lowell came to Liv's place and expressed his utter regret and sorrow over the brains he'd eaten. The emotional depth was beautifully played by the two of them.

Whitney: Every scene between Lowell and Liv this week was amazing. Him dropping the 'L' bomb was unexpected but so, so sweet.

Amanda: The moment Lowell looked at Liv's on the rooftop and put his hand over his heart and mouthed "I love you". That gesture was so simple and sweet, but you knew what followed would be heartbreaking.

Lindsay: Probably the Ravi and Liv scene. They've become so close, and I love seeing them share genuine moments of friendship. 

Lowell turns out to be kind of a wonderful human being instead of a spy. What did you think of his sacrifice, his tearful apology, and his 'I love you' to Liv?

Stacy: I never thought Lowell was going to be a bad guy so I'm glad they didn't go there with him. He was incredibly sweet in this episode, and I'm still rooting for him over Major.

Terri: Ugh, my heart wept. It was beautiful, and I'm terrified that he really is dead. If so, I think the show made a HUGE mistake. Hopefully, it takes more than a head shot to kill a zombie. Or maybe Lowell managed to dodge the bullet. Blaine knows someone else was there though. He heard Liv's scream.

Whitney: It's going to take me a long time to get over this one. Livwell was just getting started and they had to go and break our hearts. Lowell was pretty much perfect this whole season but he was really on point this week. I couldn't keep the tears from flowing when he mouthed 'I love you'. Ah, the tears are coming again!

Amanda: I had hoped Lowell wasn't working for Blaine, so I was relieved. Everything he said to Liv was prefect and he really seemed apologetic for not caring about where the brains came from. I wasn't expecting him to tell Liv he loved her, but it was such a romantic moment. I think he was brave in trying to take down Blaine, but they could have waited and figured out another way to take him down.

Lindsay: That apology scene was just so raw and full of regret. Any doubts I had about his motives or attentions were wiped away. Then the series of 'I love yous' really put me over the edge. 

Let's talk about this head-shot situation. Is Lowell dead-dead? Or just temporarily out of commission?

Stacy: I don't think he's dead. They can't kill him this early right? I'd be really sad. I'm hoping he has quick reflexes and managed to push Blaine's hand to the side or something.

Terri: Did I mention I'm scared? I've developed a huge crush on Bradley James and would be upset if Blaine took him out.

Whitney: Even though I'm devastated, I think this death has to stick. This makes the battle against Blaine more personal than ever and we'll all be rooting for Liv to get justice. I feel like Lowell wasn't necessarily envisioned to be a long term option for Liv, but instead her first foray into dating after becoming a zombie. However, Bradley James has completely captivated the audience and it's going to a blow to the fans if he's really gone.

Amanda: From what I've read, he's dead. I don't want him to go, but his death will probably serve a greater purpose in Liv's mission against Blaine.

Lindsay: I'm afraid I agree with Whitney and Amanda – Lowell is dead-dead. He never felt very permanent, and we have to remember that Liv killed zombie Marcy with a blow to the head earlier this season. It looks like brains really are the key here. Poor Lowell. I'm going to miss him. 

Major probably thinks he's going bonkers. Do you think this new development will make him seek out Liv for help?

Stacy: I just have to say, how stupid is Major for leaving his real information at the gym? When the big guy asked the trainer for his information, my first thought was, he had to have used a fake name. He needs to brush up on this stealth stuff. Anyway, as far as seeking out Liv, he probably will eventually. He's not doing so hot on his own, that's for sure.

Terri: I think he's going to continue talking to Ravi and he'll rope Liv in. Eventually she'll have to see how far over the edge Major has gone. Chances are Babineaux will address her too. Major's being majorly stupid, pun intended.

Whitney: He desperately needs help because he can't continue to get his butt kicked every week. I like the separate storyline but I'd like for Major to stop getting beat up.

Amanda: I'm sure he'll come to Liv eventually, but it's nice to see Major's storyline stand on its own without Liv's involvement. I wasn't sure how they would make Major relevant, but they're doing a great job slowly building up his character.

Lindsay: I think he and Liv are going to have a real truth moment before the season is up, but I almost wish he'd bring Peyton into his plot somehow. She's had literally nothing to do all season, and I desperately want to like her. Give her something to do writers! 

Blaine has done "the unthinkable" now, but is he beyond hope? Will he one day join Liv's fold of friends, or is he slated as the villain forever?

Stacy: I think Blaine is better as a villain. I don't see him ever joining Liv's circle of friends. That'd be tough to justify.

Terri: I do not see those two ever being friends. As much as she iced Lowell out for eating Blaine's brains, there's no way I can see her being buddy buddy with Blaine. Not unless he somehow became a different zombie. Zombotomy?

Whitney: Blaine will be the villain for the foreseeable future and that's fine by me. I'll be rooting for his eventual downfall.

Amanda: Blaine is prefect as the villain. I don't want to see him switch sides anytime soon.

Lindsay: I do love seeing a villain redeemed, but unless we get a compelling alternative villain, Blaine is just too good as the bad guy. I think he'll stay where he is for a good, long while. 

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