iZombie Round Table: Is Ravi Infected?

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First of all, let's give iZombie a BIG round of applause for scoring a season 2 renewal! Looks like we'll be back for more brains next year! 

After that cliffhanger at the end of iZombie Season 1 Episode 8, we're more than ready to jump into this week's round table discussion.

With so many new developments this week, there is lots and lots to discuss. Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Whitney Evans, Amanda Steinmetz, Terri Clark, and Lindsay MacDonald as we discuss Ravi's new rat problem, Lowell's allegiance, and more! 

Add your own answers below in comments! 

Izombie Round Table

Favorite joke/scene/quote?

Stacy: I loved the scene with Liv holding the zombie rat while Ravi cowered in the corner warning her that the rat could end man kind.

Whitney: "Sorry, I instinctively take my shirt off every time someone knocks on the door." And you should never stop doing that Lowell.

Amanda: Definitely the scene when Ravi hid in the corner in fear when Liv picked up the zombie rat.

Terri: Agreed, Whitney! My favorite line was, "The Lannisters send their regards," when Liv saw the brainless rats.

Lindsay: Major's quote about fight club was hilarious. That Robert Buckley has some amazing comedic timing.

Looks like Lowell is in Blaine's corner. React!

Stacy: I hope not. I'm hoping he just doesn't have quite as high of morals as Liv and is getting brains where he can. I still think he's the "Logan" character of the show!

Whitney: It's not exactly surprising because Blaine seems to be involved with all the zombies in town, but I hope there's more to the story. I hope Lowell doesn't turn out to be Blaine's spy but it's not looking good for Livwell's future right now.

Amanda: I know we all suspected Lowell may have been working for Blaine, but I hope there is another explanation. I love the chemistry between Liv and Lowell. It would be a shame for their relationship to end so soon. Besides, Blaine can't have every zombie in town under his thumb.... can he?

Terri: I'm not panicking. Yet. I'm hoping it's merely Lowell getting brains from his dealer and he doesn't know Blaine's bad side yet. I imagine Blaine probably doesn't cause problems with his clientele until he wants something from them and then he has the leverage to withhold their fix. Right now I'm more concerned about what it'll mean for Liv once Blaine learns she's involved with Lowell.

Lindsay: I can't think Lowell is innocent in this. Even if he just lied about where he's getting his brains, the memories would tell him that Blaine is murdering people, and that wouldn't sit well with him if he were truly a good guy. Nope, I think Lowell is a full-on zombie spy.

Ravi and Peyton might turn into a thing. Is this a good match or a total disaster?

Stacy: I think it could be a good match as long as Liv doesn't get stuck in the middle, but I'd be surprised if that doesn't happen. I can see some funny scenes where they're both complaining about the other one to Liv.

Whitney: This has potential but I need to see more of them together to figure out if I'm really on board. I'm not the biggest Peyton fan, but maybe being around Ravi will loosen her up and make her character more fun. Ravi tends to make everyone around him better.

Amanda: I'm into the idea. I think none of us have been big Peyton fans so far, so pairing her with Ravi might be the right move. We could see her open up more and let her guard down.

Terri: Not a fan. Mostly because Peyton always seems like she's got a stick up her... Ravi can do better.

Lindsay: I think Ravi is getting thrown a lot of side characters in the hopes that he'll make them relevant with his instant likability. For now, I'm not a fan, but I'm open to surprises.

Major has gone full on dark-side. Is anyone reevaluating their guess about when he'll stumble into the zombie world?

Stacy: I still don't think Major finds out this season. It's too soon. I'm still going with next season at the earliest.

Whitney: I love that Major is getting this storyline that's completely independent of Liv and their failed romance. Way back when I was worried that we wouldn't care whether Major and Liv ever reunited because we didn't know anything about him. Now, I feel like we know so much more about Major's character and his passion and I'm fully on board with his decent into the darkness. I still say he finds out in the season finale.

Amanda: I think Major's involvement is great. He's not some lovesick, guy sitting around fixating on Liv. He's got his own stuff going on. That being said, his investigation will eventually lead him to the revelation of zombies, which will inevitably lead him to finding out about Liv. I just don't think that will be this season.

Terri: He's getting in fast and furious. I think he'll find out sooner rather than later. Chances are he's going to happen on someone in full zombie mode or stumble into Blaine's little butcher shop. I don't know about you, but I kept holding my breath wondering if Liv was just going to blurt everything out. I'm glad she didn't, but in the end you know he's going to find our the hard and painful way.

Lindsay: I think we can count on him clueing in during the finale. He's knee-deep in zombie stuff already and we've still got plenty of episodes to go!

Heaven help us, Ravi now has a zombie bite (via rat). Will we be seeing a paler version of Ravi soon? If so, what does that mean for Liv and the cure?

Stacy: I am hoping the zombie virus or whatever it is is not transferable from rat to human. I would really hate to see Ravi as a zombie.

Whitney: If Ravi becomes a zombie, then the zombie to human ratio will really tip to the zombie side and I don't think the show needs to go there. I'm hoping whatever he injected into the rat will stop him from turning.

Amanda: I really hope not! It's way too soon in the series for one of Liv's closest friends or family to become a zombie too. I think Stacy is right. Zombie transference from rat to human seems unlikely. Although, we are watching a show about a zombie woman solving crimes through visions she gets after eating human brains.... so anything is possible!

Terri: I don't think Ravi will turn. Maybe he'll be rabid for awhile, but something will keep him from joining the zombie ranks.

Lindsay: I think we're all in agreement that the rat bite will end up being harmless. Ravi is the human companion in this zombie drama, and he should stay that way.

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