iZombie Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Mr. Beserk

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While maybe not the most exciting hour of television, tonight's iZombie made up for flash and flare with a whole lot of heart.

Two Ravioli hugs, a snuggle session between Liv and Major, plus bromance moments for our two favorite roommates make for one hell of a good episode in iZombie Season 1 Episode 10.

Now that we've reached the final three episodes of the season, I feel safe making two judgments.

One: The following side characters have been extremely disappointing: Peyton, Evan, Eva and Lieutenant Suzuki. They've added next to nothing to the plot, their characterization has been scattered at best, and I'll bet that as you're reading this, you had to go look up at least two of those names to match them with a face.

Two: iZombie is absolutely the freshest show to hit The CW in years.

Despite a really terrible batch of side characters, iZombie consistently delivers a funny, engaging, concise plot that is easily followed and just plain fun to watch.

I lay on these compliments ahead of time because I hope to remind you that while this episode might have been pretty dull, the season as a whole allows for episodes like these.

Tonight went hard on the procedural – an element we all know is the weak point of the show. However, now that we're investigating Max Rager, the company who could very well be the root of the zombie virus, I find it less irritating. Liv is on the trail of something big here, so watching her investigate finally feels like a long-term investment rather than a one-and-done case of the week.

It's also hard to ignore the perfect timing of this development, now that we're approaching the end of the season.

Could Liv be gearing up to find the root of the zombie virus and take down Blaine all at the same time?

Major? Blonde pretty boy, looks like he fell out of a Nicholas Sparks movie?


If so, she'll have to beat Major to it, since he seems to be hot on the heels of his own zombie conspiracy. Granted, trusting your fellow mental patients and their stories about zombie invasions might not be the best idea under normal circumstances, but if there was ever a time to make an exception...

Major won't exactly be able to ignore another story of glowing red eyes.

I will say that tonight's snuggle session between Liv and Major really served to keep their romance alive in a very respectful way. Lowell's death was tragic, and it will be some time before Liv gets over it. But at their core, Liv and Major are best friends, and that friendship shone through when they were both at their lowest.

Another great match up of the night was, of course, Ravi and Liv.

Whatever you need, I'm here. I mean absolutely anything.


Their friendship grows stronger and more supportive every episode, even with zombie shenanigans and cover ups getting in the way. I would pay good money just to watch these two hug it out over and over again.

Let's just hope that their friendship isn't just another opportunity for Blaine to break our hearts, as he reappears in the morgue next week, pleasant as ever. That Blaine, so sneaky! 

What did you think of "Mr. Beserk?" Will Major beat Liv to the zombie conspiracy punch? Sound off in comments below! 

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Mr. Beserk Review

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