iZombie Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Dead Air

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Talk about cliffhangers! How are we supposed to wait a whole week to see the other half of that elevator scene?

Now that Liv knows Lowell is on Blaine's client list, and he's not actually getting his brains from a kind mortician's assistant, something tells me things are about to start heating up. Mark my words, iZombie Season 1 Episode 8 is the beginning of the end.

With so many excellent plots to follow, it's hard to chose which one to sink my teeth in first.

Let's start with a fan favorite: Ravi. It seems like the iZombie writers have realized what a star Ravi is, and so they're desperately trying to hook in all our side characters through him. First Major becomes his roommate and now Peyton is his love interest! 

I'm withholding judgment on these two until I see them together, but Ravi's interest in her did create some nice tension with Liv. All her shrinking led to one fantastic moment of honest vulnerability for Ravi, something we don't see from him too often.

Their friendship might be hilarious most of the time, but that doesn't mean it's not great to see them have something real, too. 

Ravi: Do you think this is how Oppenheimer felt staring down at the A-bomb?
Liv: Like a drama queen?

Liv's relationship with Lowell took a couple of turns, too. 

Honestly, the iZombie Round Table has been nailing it, since we just talked last week about the "Livwell" friendship and if their chemistry was too hot. Liv seemed to have some of the same concerns.

We have nothing in common other than being half dead. That is not the basis of a healthy relationship.


She should probably focus those concerns elsewhere, since Lowell has apparently been lying to her this whole time. Not exactly shocking news, since I've been theorizing for a while that Lowell is Blaine's agent, sent to keep tabs on Liv. The only real mystery here is what Blaine actually plans to do with her.

Major continues to surprise, still spearheading the investigation for missing kids. Even after Lieutenant Zombie plants their bodies in the backyard of two known killers. 

I'm thrilled that they've given Major something to do outside of being Liv's former flame. They seamlessly integrated him into Ravi's life, while making him an active player in the zombie conspiracy. 

Everything the police tell you in this town is a lie.


Now that he's buying guns in shady back alley's with bruises all over his face, I think we can officially call him a badass.

My only problem with an otherwise stellar episode is that Blaine yet again played a very small part. He's the most interesting character on the roster, with a quick wit and a hidden agenda. It would pay to bump him into a more prominent role as we reach the final stretch of episodes for the season.

What do you think of Ravi and Peyton? Will Blaine catch Liv in that elevator? Tell me what you think in comments below! 

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Dead Air Review

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