Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 3 Review: Big in Japan

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Bo's been through a lot lately. She traveled to Valhalla, saved Kenzi from an eternity in a luxury hotel, sacrificed herself, found out she was the daughter of Hades, hooked up with her stepmom and returned to the world of the living, only to lose Kenzi once more. 

Any psychiatric professional worth their salt can tell you that all that stress will take a toll on a person's drive to do A LOT of things. Alas, I am not a medical professional, so don't take my word for it, but suffice it to say, when you're a succubus and it's your sex drive at stake, there is more at risk than a few cold showers. 

On Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 3, Bo distracts herself with a Tamsin team-up to take down an assassin targeting Japanese warrior Musashi, and these two together are a delight. Unless you are an unseemly Fae who gets in their way. 

Protecting a Warrior - Lost Girl

Any scenario that finds Tamsin playing a large role in the action gets extra points in my book. Her deadly Valkyrie skill, debatably more-deadly snark, and just all-around badassery make her fun to watch, regardless the story. While she has been a favorite since her early days on the series, her recent arc has been fantastic. 

Dyson: You really going to quit the force?
Tamsin: Yes, I am going to quit my well-paying job with a pension to play PI with my roommate. Umm, Kickstarter, hey, do you have any money for spy cams?

The subtle changes to her demeanor since her rebirth have given the character so much depth. A character who came to the series an OLD soul, conflicted, jaded, battle-worn, is reborn – still with all those qualities –  but now with an element of youthful vigor that I find refreshing, especially when contrasted with all she has been through. 

And how fun are Bo and Tamsin as roommates? Even if dinner does consist of tube cheese and alcohol. (Fun fact: the alcohol makes the tube cheese go down easier.)

Their night on the town was everything you could want from these two. Bo's serious smolder pairs so well with Tamsin's snarky up-for-anything attitude. I can't overstate how much I love them.

Musashi: A fail-safe assassin has been tapped to kill me.
Tamsin: That sucks. Looks like you need a bodyguard.
Musashi: It's a good thing I already have two.

And, after a couple heavier episodes, especially Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 2, it's nice to see a return to the banter we know and love. I mean, lives are still at stake and a Fae's job is never done, but who didn't love seeing Tamsin live out her Kill Bill fantasy?

But not even Tamsin in a Kill Bill bodysuit can get Bo out of her sexual funk. 

Meanwhile, with Tamsin and Bo busy, Dyson and Lauren got a chance to share some screen time. These two are great to watch because they do have genuine respect for the other, and yet they are both in love with the same woman, who also loves them both. It's good people in a bad situation, and Lauren and Dyson at the boxing gym was so much fun because these characters have the easy banter of friends, but also the awkward civility of romantic rivals. An interesting combo that works surprisingly well for them. (Dyson, never put on a shirt.)

Lauren: Wait. Wait.
Dyson: Keep your eyes open.
Lauren: God, is this what your foreplay with Bo is like?

Speaking of awkward, another stand-out scene comes when Bo consults Trick (I know he's aged well, but it's her grandfather!) about her dry spell. As Trick talks about her mother's similar experience, clinically describing the succubus need to orgasm, it was the "birds and the bees" talk of teenage nightmares. And hilarious to watch. Trick is a treat. (I'm new to these Lost Girl reviews, so I promise I'll only make that pun once!)

Ultimately, at the core of Lost Girl is a message of female empowerment. And, as Bo and Tamsin track down a would-be assassin, it is revealed that the ancient Japanese warrior they are protecting is actually a fraud. It is his sister, Tomoe, who was the real hero.

While his dishonor could have left him some type of filth-eating toilet Fae (the modern plumbing depicted in that drawing was spot-on), the truth is revealed in time, and Tomoe takes her rightful place as Queen. As Tamsin so eloquently states: "Bow down, bitches." 

Tamsin is on a roll, because she is also the one who gets Bo to acknowledge her fear of losing all the people she loves – which is what is blocking her ability to feed, and do all the other fun stuff that comes with it. Alas, Tamsin is rewarded for her efforts by being kicked out of the hospital room so Bo can receive the prescribed treatment from Dyson.  

And Tamsin doesn't stop there. She continues to nail it in a perfectly executed scene with Lauren as they wait for Bo and Dyson to finish. (Isn't there a waiting room they could sit in? Luckily, grandpop hit the coffee machine.)

I love to see the different characters develop unique relationships, and this moment between Lauren and Tamsin was a rare glimpse of the two together. Hopefully they will get more one-on-one screen time in Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 4. 

You are full of surprises, and most of them are downright horrible. But sometimes, every once in a while, they are just what everybody needs.


Did you enjoy the Tamsin and Bo team up? Will Lauren be able to hold off the Dark Fae indefinitely? What was your favorite moment from "Big in Japan?" What are you hoping to see during the final season? Let us know in the comments!

And if you're behind, no need to worry. You can always watch Lost Girl online at TV Fanatic!

Big in Japan Review

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Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Musashi: A fail-safe assassin has been tapped to kill me.
Tamsin: That sucks. Looks like you need a bodyguard.
Musashi: It's a good thing I already have two.

Bo: What's next, you going to teach me to shoot pool?
Dyson: I don't think we've ever used a pool table to shoot pool.