Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

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Team Fae for the win when Bo and Tamsin go undercover as cheerleaders to solve a crime, save the day AND win the big game. Seems about right. And a whole lot more fun than watching Bo slowly turning into a cat.

Did Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 6 bring it? Don't you worry, it's already been broughten

College Football - Lost Girl

With a title that pays homage to Friday Night Lights and jokes that call up Bring it On, "Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts" is a pop culture aficionado's dream come true. And another Bo and Tamsin team up? Let's do this. My spirit fingers are very excited to be typing right now. 

While I have let it be known that I am a big fan of the Tamsin/Bo dynamic, I have to say, its days are clearly numbered. Tonight, we get our first glimmer that there is trouble in Valkubus paradise. Tamsin obviously wants more from the relationship, and Bo's daddy issues are taking the form of dreams featuring Lauren playing Hades' music box. Where is Freud when you need him?

Bust out your pom poms, Tam Tam, because it's time to flirt some intel out of a bunch of horny linebackers.


Lauren is obviously still on Bo's mind and while the dream surely reflects this, it also makes me believe that Lauren will play a role and whatever is going to happen with Hades. Nothing like finding out your ex is literally from hell. 

While Lauren is appearing in dreams and Bo is calling on her for help, Dyson is flying solo and bonding with his long-lost son. This doesn't seem to bode well for Dyson shippers since the Bo/Dyson relationship has clearly been downplayed since the beginning of the season. 

Meanwhile, was it "take your son to work day" at the police department? I love watching Dyson work as well, but maybe bringing your son to a crime scene isn't the best idea. 

Tamsin: Ugh, I can smell their insecurity from here.
Bo: I think it's Eau de Taylor Swift.

I was also excited to see more development to the elevator body snatchers storyline. It's been an ominous sub-plot most of the season, and it's a relief to finally get a little bit more information about what exactly is going on. So, ancient Fae somehow pod peopled the three victims of the elevator crash?

Up until this point, the whole thing seemed very doom and gloom. Oracles gouging their own eyes out is never a feel-good plot point – or positive sign for the future, in general.  

Now, we see Kevin AKA Heratio55 AKA Zeus (?) as a PR rep for a college football star, who also happens to be a Heraclid and a long-distant human relative of Hercules. I like mythology, so it's cool.. and I also love a good spoof on family dynamics.

How great was it watching the "family" bicker over whose "plan" it was and also where they should have dinner. Even ancient Fae/god-like beings lose the spark after being married for thousands of years –  and still can't agree on a restaurant. 

Tamsin: Who better than a Valkyrie to protect the players on the field?
Bo: You don't think the guys are gonna notice a girl in the huddle?
Tamsin: A little doubt goes a long way. Plus, I'm not really a sidelines kind of girl.

While Tamsin and Bo may be fizzling out, Tamsin is still a force to be reckoned with... and hilarious. From going full Valkyrie on Brinkley during tryouts to serving up a healthy dose of snark to the locker room cat callers, she is so much fun to watch. 

While that final scene was up there, my favorite moment from "Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts" was Tamsin trading in her pom poms for a football uniform and taking the field. 

Football Player: You're a tall glass of water, aren't ya? I could just drink you up.
Tamsin: Try Gatorade, asshole.

I think one of the things Lost Girl does particularly well is show strong women characters who are able to play up sexuality in a fun way, but also turn this idea on its head. It's not done subtlety.

Nothing on Lost Girl is subtle. Tamsin is a sexy cheerleader and then she is a down-and-dirty football player, because she can be both. In the same episode. In the same minute. Simultaneously. Hell yes.

Overall, clear eyes, Fae hearts, sure. But also, Cheerleader/Football Player Tamsin + Wacky Ancient Fae-dy Bunch = Can't Lose.

What did you think? Were you impressed by Tamsin's cheerlng AND football skills? Were you excited to see Lauren back in the mix?  What do you hope to see from Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 7? Let us know!

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Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts Review

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Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Tamsin: Ugh, I can smell their insecurity from here.
Bo: I think it's Eau de Taylor Swift.

Football Player: You're a tall glass of water, aren't ya? I could just drink you up.
Tamsin: Try Gatorade, asshole.