Stalker Season 1 Episode 20 Review: Love Kills

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Well, that was an incredibly frustrating ending for this series. 

Unfortunately, the show has been canceled and Stalker Season 1 Episode 20 left us with an annoying cliffhanger. 

At least we got some closure, even if we couldn't have everything wrapped up nice and neat . 

Beth and Ben returned to the TAU. Ben didn't really have much to do, but Beth was ready to jump right back in to the case. She wanted to be there for Vicki and help her get answers about her ex-husband. 

While the serial killer case was fun to watch, it was also pretty predictable. I guessed it would be Nathan as soon as I saw him. The guy was giving off some creepy vibes. Plus, Jamie would have been way too obvious. It's never the obsessive, violent guy. At least, not on TV.

The polyamorous/sex addiction aspects of the case were interesting, especially when Vicki spotted her ex-husband. That would be pretty shocking to see. That awkward conversation could only be made worse by accusing the man of murder. 

I was unsure about Will. I didn't trust him, but I admit I wanted to. It just seemed too convenient for him to be at Vicki's house right as she was attacked. When I realized they'd caught the killer with a decent amount of time left in the episode, I knew Will would be back. 

Will returned to Vicki's house thinking he got away with Sharon's murder, but his watch quickly gave him away. The series ended with him pointing her own gun at her. We'll never know how that would have played out, but we can guess that she would have managed to gain the upper hand and take him down.

How cute were Jack and Beth? It's funny that earlier in the season we debated whether Jack and Amanda would eventually reunite, but it became clear that Jack and Beth were meant to be together. Their awkward conversations at work about their kiss were pretty adorable. I'm glad we at least got to see them officially get together before it ended. 

It looked like Amanda and Trent were on their way to getting back together, as well. I'm not really a huge fan of him, but he seems to be trying, at least. I was annoyed with him when he shut down the serial killer theory in the meeting, but he did sort of admit he was wrong later.

What did you guys think of the finale? Are you upset we won't be getting a second season? Do you wish we could have at least gotten a satisfying ending to this one?

I wonder if it would have been better to let the season end with Beth taking down Ray. That was the main season story line anyway and Stalker Season 1 Episode 18 felt like a finale to me. These last two episodes were good, but they might have fit better earlier in the season, minus the Beth and Jack hook up. I'm glad that was saved for the finale. 

If you're sad it's over, you can always go back and watch Stalker online any time. 

Love Kills Review

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Jack: I ran because I kissed my boss, it was awkward.
Beth: Yeah, now we're at work talking about it, more awkward.

I just need more evidence if I'm going to accuse my ex-husband of murder.