Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Deadly Harvest

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Getting older can be hard for the whole family to deal with.

In its usual light-hearted manner, Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 3 tackled Angela and Jane's complex feelings about their changing relationship.

Meanwhile, Jane and Maura solved yet another quirky case, this one involving extra bodies at a body farm.

Angela's escapades are hit-or-miss as far as being worthwhile subplots. In Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 1, a seemingly inane plot about an ugly chair became a vehicle for exploring Jane and Frankie's changing relationship.

Fortunately, Angela's secret ice skating lessons were similarly heartwarming instead of being a waste of time. Angela and Jane skated around the real issue while arguing about whether Angela should continue.

Angela: Why can't you be supportive?
Jane: Why can't you take up bingo?
Angela: I'm going to do what I want to do!

I love these kinds of plots because they give Angela much more depth. She's often silly or impractical, always coming up with some idea that she'll get bored with by the end of the hour.

But she's also a woman who's put her whole heart and soul into her family and now may be looking for ways to fill her time or give her life meaning. Her failures are often funny, yet at the same time they're not.

Angela's need to hide both what she was doing and her injury from Jane were sad for me. I thought her adventure in ice skating was much more about demonstrating to herself that she was an independent woman who was still living fully despite her age.

Getting injured seemed to prove to her that she couldn't live that full life despite her best efforts.

Maura: Can I take a look at your ankle?
Angela: If you have to.

I wish Frankie was being used as effectively. He's mainly comic relief at this point and spent much of the episode trying to hide a lobster in Jane's desk. I'd like to see more of his serious side and less of the practical jokes and silliness.

Rizzoli & Isles is known for its humorous scenarios and quirky characters. However, some of Frankie's antics are becoming stale, and I'm beyond ready for growth from this character.

At least Frankie was also investigating the case while he was hiding a lobster in Jane's desk. I enjoyed seeing him and Nina work together to try to identify the victims and narrow down the suspect list. I like Nina and Frankie in general, and Nina is pretty aware of the dynamic between Frankie and Jane.

She knew the lobster was in her desk the whole time.


So let's talk about the actual crime being investigated. This one was much less peculiar than most, and at times I felt like I was watching a more straightforward procedural. I enjoyed the creepiness factor that sneaked into the final scenes.

From the moment Jane found the photos in Jeffrey Tyler's apartment, it became more and more clear that we were dealing with something scary.

A tidy home. Not what I expected from a deranged psychopath.


Did you expect it to turn out that it really wasn't Professor Carlson, as opposed to him having a fake alibi? The real killer was quite macabre, and I thought the scenes in which he attacked both women were well done. The opening sequence, especially the ticking of the clock while the victim's body hung from the ceiling, caught my attention.

I liked that his attack of Sarah, the second victim, mirrored it in some ways. I knew the cops would get there in time, yet found myself relieved when I saw them.

So what did you think? What new hobby would you like to see Angela take up next? Were you creeped out by the killer? Should Jane learn to shut her mouth about her mother? Share your thoughts below!

If you missed something or just want a second look, watch Rizzoli & Isles online to catch up!

Deadly Harvest Review

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Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Jane: What kind of French food do you love?
Angela: I love it all. French toast, French fries..

I can't believe I'm actually going to say this, but I miss her.