Days of Our Lives Recap: Chad Confessed All

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Nicole confessed all to Daniel, Chad poured his heart out to Abigail and Clyde got even sleazier (we didn't think that was possible) on this week’s Days of Our Lives.

Let’s start with Nicole and (Do we have to say her name?) Serena. Why is Serena still in Salem? Her presence is the equivalent of fingernails on a blackboard; irritating at best, cringe-worthy at worst. 

Serena actually sank so low that she bugged a confessional of a church and then ran to Daniel with Eric’s recorded confession. But what was her point? She didn’t want Eric to go back to Nicole…so why not leave things be with Nicole engaged to Daniel? Did she simply hate Nicole and the idea of her happiness more than she supposedly “loved” Eric? That’s the only thing that makes sense…if there is any sense in this convoluted storyline.

For once Daniel didn’t loose his temper; he didn’t bellow and slam doors. Instead he confronted Nicole and in yet another surprise move, Nicole told him the truth. Was it just me or did you hear angels actually singing somewhere on high when that happened?

Just when I thought that this ridiculous story was headed down the same road it always goes, where Nicole ends up being miserable and alone, Days changed things up and I couldn’t be happier. Will Nicole finally find her happily ever after with Daniel. If so, it won’t make all of the Ericole fans out there very happy but I’m just thrilled to actually see Nicole smiling. It’s been a long time coming. 

On a side note, Daniel trying to find his underwear when they both realized that Parker could be home any minute was one of the funniest moments of the week. 

Elsewhere, Will invited Paul and Derek out once again for a double date and as much as I’m enjoying watching this foursome, I was glad Lucas saw right through Will’s plans as he pointed out in this Days of Our Lives quote

I just think that you should put more effort into just being with Sonny instead of all these schemes, you know? You'd be a lot better off. You're worse than your mother.


Will has certainly proven to be his mother’s son on more than one occasion but I much prefer the decent, caring version of Will. He’s the guy who loves Sonny and is trying to help Abigail.

Speaking of Abigail, her moments with Chad were the highlight of the week. When Chad decided to admit his true feelings, he wasn’t kidding around. He poured his heart and soul out to her, admitting how he lied to her and why and that he loved her more than he’s ever loved any woman in his life. Kudos to Billy Flynn for making my heart ache for Chad in those scenes. 

Unfortunately, while Chad believes he has a chance, little does he know that the deck is stacked against him as Clyde has rigged the paternity test for a baby Chad doesn’t even know exists. 

Which leads me to ask…when is someone finally going to take out Clyde? Just when I think he can’t get any sleazier (the guy supposedly molested his teenaged step-daughter, Jordan) he proves me wrong. Clyde murdered EJ, had Sonny stabbed, and this week he threaten the lab tech’s wife and baby if he didn’t make sure the paternity test turned out in Ben’s favor. 

Clyde is more than happy to have his son raise someone else's child (if it turns out to be Chad's) as long as there's enough money in it for him. 

I really hope that Clyde’s comeuppance is coming soon and I look forward to Ben’s reaction to all his father has done and Abigail’s realization that Dimeras aren’t the only source of evil in Salem. 

Other happenings in Salem included Aiden and Hope sharing a romantic evening as Rafe looked on…and when exactly did Rafe develop feelings for Hope? That feels as though it came from out of nowhere. 

Theresa became even more of a disappointment when she planned to hire a second-rate nanny to take care of her son in the hopes that Brady would think she was a great mother. I thought that having a baby would bring out a new side of Theresa. No such luck. 

John and Marlena walked into the club to see Paul, Derek, Sonny, and Will be harassed by some ignorant bigots. I hope that’s the last we see of those guys, even though that type of hateful stupidity happens far too often in real life.

Bev found her self esteem and broke things off with JJ. She’ll be leaving Salem for Europe which is kind of a shame as I was just beginning to enjoy her. JJ dove into his undercover work with Jennifer’s cautious blessing and Paige continued her journey towards recklessness as she got closer to Kyle.

Perhaps one of the worst moments of the week (if I erase everything about Serena from my memory) was having to watch Eve and Jennifer go at one another once again. This scene has become a broken record which we’ve had to listen to over and over and over again. It makes me wonder if the actresses are as bored with it as the audience.

OK, TV Fanatics, now it’s your turn? What was your favorite scene of the week.

And don't forget to check back on Sunday to see what our Days of Our Lives Round Table Team has to say about the events of the week. 

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