Graceland Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Sense Memory

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In Graceland Season 3 Episode 3 the team gets their mojo back.

No more lone wolfs. The agents rely on one another and finally make some headway out of the dark.

The Graceland team has worked as separate entities for far too long. This is the first episode where the team begins to solidify. Where they feel like a team again.

Mike's Addiction - Graceland

After discovering Sid Markham is dead, Mike decides to close the case. Johnny is furious of course. A closed case on Carlito means he cannot help Lucia. 

Bonded in their newfound forgiveness, Paige and Mike decide to end the case together. They arrest Carlito's men in a middle of a shipment. Unfortunately, someone warned Carlito. Instead of drugs they find chickens.

Mike is in a trance at the sight of the birds. He's so distracted he's almost shot. Paige saves his life. We knew this would happen eventually. My guess is Paige will save Mike repeatedly this season -- on ops and from his spiraling drug abuse. 

Paige will save Mike's life so frequently eventually we'll just forget she tried to kill him in the first place. Significant memory loss is doubtful, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Worst case scenario, if I can't forget what Paige did then I can at least accept her atonement.  

Briggs expresses concern over Mike's behavior. Mike reveals to Briggs what he saw on the other side. It boils down to 47 birds and a clock reading 10:10. 

I have answers. I just don't know what the questions are.


Birds can symbolize a variety of meanings. Calm or a portent of death, life, or even embody the spirits of the dead. Supposedly, when a number appears randomly, more often than not, the number is 47. 

The meaning behind the birds and clock is a mystery, but color me intrigued. At this point, Mike opening up to Briggs is more important than what he revealed.

Now, if he'd only open up about his serious drug problem. Really Mike? Scoring Vicodin? This will end badly. Get help.'re up!

This is beyond Johnny! This is beyond! It's like you are trying to invent new ways to be incompetent.


Jakes follows Johnny and finds him on a boat with Carlito's missing drugs. Jakes realizes Johnny is in way over his head. Together they run the drugs down to Mexico. At the end of the day, these men are like brothers. Jakes won't abandon Johnny.

It's why Johnny confesses to Sid's murder. He knows no matter what Jakes' has his back. Johnny finally realizes he needs help to end the war with Carlito and to save Lucia. Not just from Jakes, but from Briggs and the entire Graceland team.

I'm not Briggs.


No, Johnny isn't Briggs, but Briggs isn't Briggs. Briggs didn't kidnap Layla. He simply stole her phone to find Colby Moore's number. He was the FBI agent previously assigned to Ari's case. Colby doesn't have cancer. He quit because Ari is insane.

The point is, Briggs is thinking strategically and non violently for once. Whatever Briggs' plan is to stop Ari it's within the confines of the law. Otherwise he wouldn't involve the entire Graceland team. Briggs isn't operating like a lone wolf anymore, so neither should Johnny.  Briggs is turning over a new leaf and showing the team how.

Charlie and Amber face yet another near death experience together because that's what happens when you work with Amber. Despite getting the name wrong, Amber did lead Charlie to "Reggie", who's real name is Rodney. The operation was a success.

Charlie is in with Rodney's gang and hopefully it will lead to Germaine. Even though she was exhausted, Charlie still agrees to help Briggs with his Ari operation. She's part of a team, a family, and that's what family does. They have each other's backs. 

The key is nobody is working alone this episode. Each character leaned on another for help. If the Graceland team can continue to rely on one another and be honest, they might have a chance at being saved. 

You can watch Graceland online to see when the team is at their best -- when they are working together.

Sense Memory Review

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Graceland Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm not Briggs.


This is beyond Johnny! This is beyond! It's like you are trying to invent new ways to be incompetent.