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Should faulty synths really be returned?

That question reoccurred a lot during Humans Season 1 Episode 2 which found Laura's resentment toward Anita reach shocking heights. In fact, I would even call it jealousy, and I'm over it already. She feels like she's letting her family down because Anita is doing everything for them. If she wants the family to stop relying on a robot, then maybe she should step up to the mark. 

Sure, Anita might come across as weird, but that's because she has some repressed memories that remind her of bad things happening in her lifetime. You can't just create a blank slate with these robots like we have been led to believe. You might say that this all sounds similar to Fox's ill-fated Dollhouse, but it's making for some good TV. 

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Anita is meant to be this emotionless being, but she's anything but that. Just look at how she handled Toby's creepy teenage advances. She threatened to rat him out to Joe, but then back tracked because she could tell how sorry he was. Then there was the scene with Sophie wanting her to give her a cuddle, but Anita refused because she needed authorization – only for her to eventually comfort the young girl. 

I do see what Laura is going on about. She's right to have some suspicions about Anita, but most of the time she is just being a paranoid wreck, and I'm losing respect for her by the minute. We all know that she and Mattie will be glad to see the back of Anita, but I have a feeling she will return in some form. Either that, or she does a runner before she has the chance to return her. 

Another key plot this week revolved around George, Odi and the elephant in the room, Vera. Synths that are taking care of the wellbeing of others seem to have much more authority than your standard family synths. George really doesn't like being told what to do, and it doesn't sit well with Vera. Whenever she was sleeping, she still knew when he was up to something. 

It must be weird for him not having Odi look after him, but at the end of the day, Odi can't look after George any longer. George has to look after him and there's no way they could make it work without Vera intervening. This is an interesting storyline, and the fact that George had Odi for so long must make it difficult for him to confide in anyone else. With that said, I do stand by George's reservations about his care being handled by someone else. 

Meanwhile, we got to see the emotional ramifications of Niska being used as a prostitute, and it really makes me think that these robots aren't as dense as we're being led to believe. Just look at her reactions when she was being cleaned and then told her next client was due in. She screamed. That isn't someone who can just be wiped clean. I loved the fact that she stood up for herself and escaped. It should be interesting to see in which direction her story goes and if she will meet up with Leo any time soon. To be honest though, he isn't in any fit state to lead the charge. 

"1.2" was another solid outing for this AMC series and it is moving along at a brisk enough pace to keep me interested. I do hope that Niska meets up with Anita soon. That would be the icing on the cake at this point. 

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Note: Humans Season 1 Episode 3 airs Sunday July 12 at 9/8C on AMC. 

1.2 Review

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