Rookie Blue Round Table: Nick's Romantic Options

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On Rookie Blue this wee, Andy began to question Juliet’s past... Nick had an innocent looking psychopath on his hands... and Marlo and Sam found out whether they were having a boy or a girl.

Below, TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Elizabeth Harlow, Whitney Evans and Christine Orlando debate Nick’s romantic possibilities, whether Andy will investigate Juliet, and what was their favorite scenes from Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 3

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Andy will start investigating Juliet’s past?

Allison: I hope so. We need to get some answers, and I think that someone investigating her is the only way we are going to get them. Juliet isn't going to just volunteer information. Someone needs to catch her in a lie.

Elizabeth: Of course she will. When has Andy ever been able to leave things be?

Whitney: Andy is pretty persistent, so there's no way she doesn't look into her. I agree with Allison, I think we need some answers and I don't know how else we're going to get them.

Christine: I’ve been assuming that Juliet is some version of Internal Affairs but I’m sure Andy will get to the bottom of it. She got just enough information about Juliet to be suspicious and I can’t imagine she’ll leave it alone. 

Did you suspect that Nick’s prisoner, Rochelle was a murderous psychopath?

Allison: I figured she wasn't as nice as she seemed, but I certainly didn't think psychopath. Whenever she started talking about how the light always falls on her, then I starting thinking there was something really wrong with her.

Elizabeth: My first thought was that she was going to be inappropriately attached to Nick, but once she started talking indigo children, I knew she was cuckoo. 

Whitney: Yeah, once she started talking more it was apparent something was up. I didn't necessarily think she'd be a full on psychopath, but I definitely thought she was a little off.

Christine:  I was suspicious of that sweet, innocent act the moment I saw her. Every time Nick turned his back on her I was afraid she was going to hurt him. 

Would you like to see Nick eventually paired with Juliet or with someone else?

Allison: I honestly don't care, which sounds a little mean. I haven't really shipped Nick with anyone, and he's been with both Gail and Andy. I would rather get to know him more than throwing him into another relationship.

Elizabeth: I'm with Allison. I don't think we've seen him with anybody yet where I've been invested in them as a couple. Maybe he should try dating outside of the station. 

Whitney: I never really bought him with Gail or Andy, honestly, so I don't know if I'd buy him with Juliet either. With Gail, she seemed way more into it than he did and with Andy, well, we all knew that wasn't realistically going anywhere with Sam still in the picture. I'm not really a Juliet fan so far and I don't think her hooking up with Nick is going to change that.

Christine:  It’s funny, because I really like Nick, but as everyone else said, I haven’t really felt a strong couple vibe from anyone he’s been paired with. Unfortunately, I’m not that attached to Juliet so far but maybe that will change. I just don’t see anyone on screen right now that jumps out as the perfect romantic partner for Nick. 

Should Adele (the prisoner Gail was with) should have gotten 20 years for murdering her husband?

Allison: Yeah, probably. I'm not super familiar with sentencing, but she definitely should have gone to jail for what she did. Hopefully her lawyer got her a reduced sentence because she acted out of grief.

Elizabeth: Since we don't know if it was premeditated or done in a fit of passion, it's hard to say. And I don't know what the Canadian judicial system is like, but she would get time off for good behavior in the States. 

Whitney: Like Elizabeth said, we don't know the exact circumstances leading up to it, so it's hard to say. But 20 years does seem like an awfully long time.

Christine: As a mother, if I was on her jury, I’d probably have trouble convicting her. I can’t imagine coming home after working a shift to find that your idiot husband set the house on fire and let the kids die. I know it’s not the right thing to say, but I’d want him dead too. 

Was there anything in “Uprising” that disappointed you?

Allison: I wish that Nick and Gail weren't separated. I would have preferred to have the two of them dealing with Rochelle together. Since they were apart, I found myself not really caring about either's storyline.

Elizabeth: I felt like the guard was just kind of let off. What he did would be considered rape, and it was just kind of written off. That could easily have been an episode of its own. 

Whitney: There wasn't anything too disappointing for me. Though I do agree there should have been bigger repercussions for the guard.

Christine: There did seem to be a lot of loose ends, such as the guard and did Jodi die on the table or were they able to save her? Also, is there still a risk that Marlo’s baby may have developmental issues? It came across as though everything looks ok for now, but there could still be issues. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from this episode?

Allison: Sam's speech to Marlo about how Andy wasn't going to come third was great. I loved that he finally shared his view on the future, and how things were going to play out. Andy is important to him, and he won't ever put her last.

Elizabeth: I thought Dov's reaction to Duncan's oversharing was great -- "I want to unknow that."

Whitney: "She's going to adore you, too."  I probably sound like a broken record each week, but I am really loving the great place that Sam and Andy are in this season. Sam's openness this season has been great and I am loving the McSwarek scenes so much.

Christine: Agree with you Whitney. It’s so nice to see McSwarek happy and on the same page. It’s as though the baby has brought them even closer together because now they have to fight for one another. My favorite was when Andy heard he was having a girl. Her expression was both happy and heartbreaking. 

Check back Thursday night for our recap and review of Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 4 and if you can't wait until then, you can watch Rookie Blue online now here at TV Fanatic. 

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