Rookie Blue Round Table: Traci's No Good, Very Bad Day

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Things went sideways for Traci on Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 5 when the “gentleman rapist” turned back up at the worst possible time.

Elsewhere, Chris’ career could be on the line now that Jamie’s using again and Nick and Juliet looked happy…for now. 

Below, TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Elizabeth Harlow, Whitney Evans and Christine Orlando debate red herrings, Nick and Juliet’s future, which character they want to see more of and what was their favorite scene in "A Real Gentleman."

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

At the start, did you think Traci was abducted by the same guy who broke into her place, by the gun runner trying to stop the raid or someone else?

Allison: At the very beginning, I suspected someone trying to stop the raid. Having the flower guy was back was a nice twist.

Elizabeth: I figured it was related to the rapist case when she showed up at school and Leo wasn't actually sick, that was too big of unresolved story for it not to come back. Knowing that the coffee guy was a little too interested in her also made Traci seem foolish for not having her guard up more, but the two guys working together made it a little less predictable. 

Whitney: I assumed it was the gun runner, but it was a cool throwback to earlier in the season to have it be the flower guy. It brought things full circle.

Christine: I immediately thought about the attacker from Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 1, but once the guy at the raid seemed to recognize her name, I thought it was him. I loved that they were able to throw me off with that red herring. It made it more fun. 

Do you hope that Nick and Juliet survive as a couple once her secrets come out?

Allison: I still don't care one way or the other. Does this make me a bad person? They are alright together, but I haven't fallen in love with them yet. Maybe it is because I'm too suspicious of Juliet.

Elizabeth:  Allison, you're not a bad person, those two are just boring. I've said before that Nick should look outside of the station; I think we've hit the saturation point for believable inter-office romances. 

Whitney: I really can't bring myself to care about them one way or the other, so I'm right there with you Allison. With great couples like Sam and Andy and Traci and Steve, it's hard to really pay them much attention. 

Christine:  I like Nick and I don’t want to see him go through yet another breakup. First their was Gail, then there was Andy. Can the poor guy just be allowed to be happy?

Can Chris break things off with Jamie without serious fallout?

Allison: I don't think Jamie will go down without a fight. I think Chris needs to help Jamie get off whatever dark path she is on, even if it means getting caught himself. Jamie seems to be slipping back into old habits.

Elizabeth: Of course not! For one thing, I get the impression that she wants this to blow up. Chris is going to have to come clean and hope that her husband is understanding that she can be quite manipulative. 

Whitney: Jamie needs help for sure and maybe Chris will be able to help her and it will cause the blow-back on him to be less severe. Either way, Chris is in a bad situation and he won't get out of it completely unscathed. 

Christine: Oh, Chris is in huge trouble. Addicts are notoriously selfish and unpredictable when they’re using and Jamie is clearing using again. I don’t think there is any way in which this doesn’t blow up in Chris’ face. I just hope it doesn’t hurt his career too badly. 

Which one character do you hope to see more of this season?

Allison: Oh goodness, I don't know if I want to see more of a particular character. I want to see more of the relationships between the original rookies. Andy and Gail rode together, which hasn't happened in awhile, but they didn't really get to talk. I just want to take it back to the core group and to explore their relationships more.

Elizabeth: I really enjoy the ensemble aspect of the show, but I was glad to see Steve back tonight. I would like to see the Peck siblings interact a little more, or Traci and Gail interact not as friends or colleagues, but as potential family. The stuff with Leo was a good start. 

Whitney: I've always really enjoyed Traci, so I liked that this episode put the spotlight on her. It was so sweet to see how excited everyone was for her in the beginning and I love seeing her relationship with Steve. I don't think this season has been lacking in the Traci department, but if I had to pick someone to see more of, it would definitely her!

Christine: I want to see more Traci and Steve and more Gail. I’ve always enjoyed Gail’s snark, but now she has some sweetness to balance it out. 

Was there anything in “A Real Gentleman” that disappointed you?

Allison: Corey, the guy who kidnapped Traci, was supposed to be this smart guy (Juliet's assessment), and sure enough, we see him see through Traci's pretty convincing "Steve means nothing to me" bit. So, Corey was looking pretty smart, but then he completely untied Traci. Sorry, but that was the stupidest thing ever. He didn't just untie her feet. He also untied her hands. I just didn't like that dumb mistake from him after we had been hearing about how smart he is.

Elizabeth: I really liked the resolution to the serial rapist story, even if I was frustrated (again) by the lack of situational awareness from our cops--it just makes them seem like crappy cops that they keep falling into the same traps all the time. 

Whitney: I wasn't a fan of that whole scene where Traci talked to Corey and tried to make it seem like she cared about him. That is like a key scene in every kidnapping plot and it's really old. 

Christine: I know Traci was in a hurry and distracted but she drives a small car. Did she really not notice a grown man in the back seat in broad daylight?

What was your favorite scene in Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 5?

Allison: All of the Gail and Dov scenes! I have missed them together so much. The banter and snark were just what I needed. They are good for each other.

Elizabeth: I'd go with Gail and Dov as well. Not only was their dynamic really good, but Gail with Leo was great.

Whitney: I liked the beginning with Traci and Steve and him running around the car to get her to laugh. They have a great rapport and I'd love to see more of them!

Christine: You guys took my top two! In order to be original, I’m going to go with Sam’s goofy comments at the end and Andy telling him to take his shirt back off so she can be reminded why she’s with him. McSwarek can be just adorable when they’re happy. 

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Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Sam: It's because we laid all of our clothes out last night. That always ensures a good tomorrow.
Andy: That's officially the lamest thing you've ever said to me. Take your shirt back off to remind me why I'm with you.

It is a beautiful day for a raid.