Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Uprising

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The crew from 15 Division were sent to help with prisoner transfers at an understaffed, overcrowded women’s prison in Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 3.

What could possibly go wrong with that?

The first pair to head out on this detail was McNally and Ward. Leave it to Andy to skip right over the small talk and go straight for the over-sharing about her boyfriend’s pregnant, bi-polar ex-girlfriend.

Let’s just get that story out of the way before we even start up the squad car. 

Of course Juliet jumped on the band wagon by asking Andy about Nick. She knew he was Andy’s ex and she wanted reasons not to date him. Unfortunately, Andy was no help. Nick is funny and loyal and a great catch.

She forgot to add hot but I suppose Juliet’s already figured out that part for herself. Perhaps she should have asked Gail for reasons not to date Nick. I’m betting she could come up with something.

Andy and Juliet, along with Nick and Gail all headed off to the Pine Valley Correctional Center for Woman of which the title made me wonder if the writer was a former All My Children fan. Anyway, it didn’t take long before a riot ensued and all hell broke loose. Was there ever any doubt this was where we were headed?

Andy and Juliet had tough girl Kenzie who stabbed herself in order to get to the infirmary and when that didn't look as though it’s going to work, she put the knife to Ward’s throat. Kenzie’s bestie Jodi wa in there and supposedly claiming that Kenzie shanked her. Since Kenzie didn’t do it, she wanted a face to face. 

Nick ended up with Rochelle whose sweet and innocent act I didn’t buy for a minute. When she started rambling on about being an indigo and drawing in more light than anyone else I knew things were about to go horribly wrong. Nick clearly underestimated her and he’s lucky she only ditched him and didn’t leave him bleeding. 

In the end it turned out that bad girl Kenzie didn’t shank her friend, Jodi was lying to save Kenzie’s life and Rochelle was a complete psychopath. Everyone was lucky when that stun grenade took them all down although I don’t think we ever did hear if Jodi survived.

Gail spent her time in Adele's lair. Thankfully the older inmate wasn't nearly as scary as she first appeared. I couldn't believe she was doing 20 years for murdering her husband after he let her kids die in a housefire caused by his smoking. She obviously needed a better lawyer because I'm fairly sure most mother's would understand her rage.  

Elsewhere, Oliver was sporting an eye patch due to a stray cat hair and Chloe and Duncan’s attempt at banter made me cringe. I normally like Chloe’s goofiness but somehow Duncan’s presence managed to ruin it. I’m still trying to wipe the memory of his dancing from my mind. 

On the baby front, Sam showed up for Marlo’s ultrasound even though she planned to do this solo. She didn’t seem comfortable having him around or perhaps it was knowing that if Sam’s involved, Andy is too. Either way, Marlo will have to get used to it as Sam plans to be a part of his child’s life right from the beginning. 

Despite the ultrasound awkwardness and the worry over possible developmental issues, I was thrilled when Sam told Andy he was having a girl in this Rookie Blue quote

Andy: You're going to have a daughter. She's going to adore you.
Sam: She's going to adore you too.

You could see all of the mixed emotions wash over Andy. Happiness for Sam tinged with the ache of knowing that he was sharing this miracle with someone else. As complicated as this will be, Sam and Andy have made it clear that they are in this together…and if the show keeps ending the hour with these heartfelt McSwarek moments, I will continue to be happy. 

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Uprising Review

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Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Juliet: Of course women like you. I'm the only officer you haven't slept with.
Nick: Yet.

Andy: You're going to have a daughter. She's going to adore you.
Sam: She's going to adore you too.