Suits Season 5 Episode 4 Review: No Puedo Hacerlo

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Can we all agree right now that Amy Acker is a gift to television and Hollywood in general?

Yes? Good. 

Her appearance as Esther on Suits Season 5 Episode 4 brought a face to the long alluded to character of Louis's sister. Instead of a frumpy and sneering Louis look-alike though, we got a surprise when the gorgeous and graceful Amy Acker showed up at Pearson Specter Litt. 

My only complaint for Esther's storyline is that we didn't get to see nearly enough of her banter with Louis. After the shock of finally seeing Louis's sister, we barely got one scene of them hashing it out before she was whisked off to wheel-and-deal with Harvey over her impending divorce.

Speaking of that divorce, I do love when one of Harvey's cases helps him turn a corner in his personal life.

The symmetry between Harvey's feud with Donna and Esther's battle with her husband over their divorce settlement was really portrayed beautifully.

In the beginning, we sympathize with Esther's plight. She feels tricked and abandoned by her cheating husband, and we kind of feel like screaming for the bastard's blood. Similarly, Harvey feels like Donna has committed those same crimes of infidelity by leaving him for Louis.

Watching Harvey slowly realize that Esther's stubborn refusal to settle is more about hurt feelings than money felt so vindicating. His realization that he's been treating Donna the same way out of spite... well let's just say it was a moment. I mean, that stricken look on his face when he spots Donna outside the conference room? Whoa.

Don't even get me started on Donna's emotional speech about putting herself first.

I spent twelve years putting you first, and the day I finally decided to do something for myself, you didn't just stop treating me like family, you started treating my like a stranger.


Seeing Harvey finally thank her for those 12 years at the end of the episode felt like such a step in the right direction.

There may be hope for those two yet, but there won't be any for me if they keep playing heavy emotional music while Harvey fights not to look back over his shoulder as he walks away from Donna. Come on, people. Have mercy on my heart! 

Elsewhere, Mike and Robert Zane got into some hot water with their class-action suit. 

I almost forgot that Katrina went to work for Zane after getting fired from Pearson Specter Litt, but that's probably because her actress has been too busy killing it on 12 Monkeys to guest star too often.

Her easy camaraderie with Mike, however, turned up a potentially nasty bit of insider trading to which Robert was possibly privy. I'm actually glad we never got a definitive answer on whether or not Robert knew about the hedge fund business. It would be great if he turned out to be an all around honest guy, but isn't it so much more interesting if he's not?

Jessica's speech about money wasn't wrong after all. Just a little harsh.

Mike: So this is all just about the money?
Jessica: Were you born yesterday? The clients are looking for money. We're looking for money. The insurance company is looking to keep money. It's always about the money.

And who else spotted that little moment of hesitation when Mike and Rachel started talking about kids? 

Do we think Rachel is pregnant? Or is it just that she's not hot on the idea of children while she's battling law school, associate work and passing the bar? 

Normally I'd say the latter, but this is television, so there's got to be baby drama eventually! 

What did you think of "No Peudo Hacerlo"? Has Harvey finally turned a corner with Donna? Or is this another case of "one step forward, two steps back"? 

If you missed anything, be sure to watch Suits online to catch up on this amazing season! 

No Puedo Hacerlo Review

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Suits Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

You know it would be easier for both of us if you were wrong every once in a while.


Harvey: I just have to know... were one of the two of you adopted?
Esther: I've been asking that for years.