Suits Season 5 Episode 5 Review: Toe to Toe

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Thank goodness someone finally brought up Mike's hair. It's about damn time! 

Unfortunately, there were more pressing issues to attend to in Suits Season 5 Episode 5 than Mike's new slicked back do. Travis Tanner returned with a vengeance that was strangely... not so vengeful.

From the moment Tanner hit the scene, you could practically feel his past sins oozing off of him. This is the guy that has consistently been the worst of the worst for four whole seasons. So hearing him preach about new beginnings and better morals? Yeah right!

Ever since the day I met you, all you've done is cross lines, and it starting with you ripping off cancer victims.


Unfortunately for Harvey, Mike was stuck between doing the right thing and worrying over Harvey's mental state. Plus, he was much more easily convinced of Tanner's new choir boy status. 

You've got to love that whenever Tanner turns up, Mike becomes the adult in a play pen of bickering children. Time and time again, Mike chimed in as the voice of reason, urging the two warring parties to take the original settlement that was put on the table. 

Remember when Mike used to be just an ickle little fraud with no experience or smarts? 

Maybe his new hair is actually a sign of his budding maturity? 

Tanner: I remember when you used to ride a bike.
Mike: I remember when you used to be a scumbag, but you didn't pretend you weren't.

The case of the week was admittedly a little bland as far as intrigue and drama go, but it never really stood a chance when Travis Tanner's possible redemption was on the line.

I honestly didn't believe right up until the end there that he was even capable of turning over a new leaf. I was glad to be wrong though, since the theme of this season seems to be Change with a capital C!

Harvey changing his ways and dealing with his issues – Donna related and otherwise. Mike growing up and starting his life with Rachel. Louis changing into a name partner that Jessica and Harvey can actually trust and respect. Donna growing out of her Harvey bubble and learning to start doing things for herself.

If even Travis Tanner can change, then there's got to be hope for the rest of our beloved characters!

Yep, things are certainly ch-ch-ch-changing on Suits this year!

Louis' journey might just be my favorite though.

After so much scheming and backstabbing and subterfuge, Louis did the one thing that might have earned him a little trust from Jessica. He looked her in the eye and admitted his wrongdoing.

Honesty apparently won him some favors too, since Jessica backed him against Soloff while simultaneously backing Soloff right into a corner. Don't you just love seeing Jessica play the long con? There's a reason she's stayed managing partner so long!

Louis: Jessica, when am I going to learn not to defy you?
Jessica: You're never going to learn, but as long as I know that, we'll be okay.

Something tells me that we haven't seen the last of Jack Soloff yet, but he's proving to be a worthy adversary so far, so I'm eager to see his next move. Perhaps Jessica will be his new target?

This review wouldn't be complete without a full length analysis of Harvey's newest Donna drama, so strap in.

That dream... wow. First off, how rude to tease us with a Harvey and Donna hookup only to yank it away. We have shippers on life support right now, I'm sure.

Plus, has there ever been a more disturbing picture than Donna naked in bed with Travis Tanner? I don't think so.

No matter how disturbing, the dream did lead to some great new scenes between Harvey and his therapist, Dr. Agard. Up until now, she's existed as a slightly aloof, but still entirely competent, psychiatrist. Someone entirely there to be used for Harvey's emotional needs. But now we learned a little bit about her back story, and she became this incredible three-dimensional character right before our eyes.

I want you to tell me the worst mistake you ever made as a therapist.


Her story about accidentally getting her patient killed because of her own personal feelings was as tragic as it was telling. Not to mention, it helped her get right to the heart of where Harvey's issues truly lie. 

Donna might be his trigger, but she's not the source of Harvey's abandonment issues. As always, the parents are to blame...

Harvey's deep seated issues with his mother's infidelity and abandonment are no doubt playing a big role in his resentment of Donna and her recent departure. Unfortunately for Dr. Agard, Harvey wasn't exactly willing to open up about that particular part of his past.

Hopefully we'll get to see him explore those issues instead of run from them in Suits Season 5 Episode 6.

If you missed tonight's episode, you can always watch Suits online to catch up! 

Toe to Toe Review

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Suits Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Ever since the day I met you, all you've done is cross lines, and it starting with you ripping off cancer victims.


Mike: I'm just going to say it. Every time we go up against Tanner, it gets brutal. You just had a panic attack the other day, so are you sure this is really what you need right now.
Harvey: It's exactly what I need right now.