Suits Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Privilege

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To those of you who doubted Louis Litt's ability to change, all I can say is I hope you strapped yourself in for Suits Season 5 Episode 6

We saw a whole new Louis tonight, and I think we can all agree that his new attitude felt like a breath of fresh air! Even if it's probably temporary. 

After years of watching Louis self-sabotage and fall victim to pride and pettiness, fans finally got to see something they probably didn't expect to ever get: a changed Louis. Time and time again tonight, Louis took the high road, acting like a mature and civilized adult instead of the petulant child we're used to.

Will this behavior last? Probably not.

Louis is at his best when he's being vindictive and mean – it's half of the reason why we adore him most of the time – so I wouldn't expect this new leaf of his to stayed turned over for long. 

Regardless, watching Louis behave himself and work with Mike instead of against him was awesome for fans who knew that deep down he was capable of being a team player. Let's hope he can keep it up for just a little longer! Another coup might be coming our way, and Louis is definitely someone you want on your side when the winds starts changing. 

Elsewhere, Harvey seems to be doing his very best to drive Dr. Agard and her offer of help away. Every time she builds even a small bit of trust between them, Harvey blows through it with a wrecking ball. That's what most people like to call commitment issues. This week, that wrecking ball just so happened to be her past confession about killing a patient, which Harvey wielded like a weapon against her in her deposition.

I know therapists are pretty much used to being emotional punching bags, but Harvey sure packs a wallop! 

Why the hell should anyone ever trust you with anything?


I have to admit, I was pretty sure that after that kind of attack, Dr. Agard would drop Harvey for good, and that would be the end of his quick stint into therapy. Surprisingly enough, after quite a bit of back and forth, Harvey did agree to set aside his anger and defensiveness in order to talk about his mother. Finally! We've only been waiting to hear the full story on Harvey's mom since like, forever! 

Speaking of scenes fans have been waiting for... DONNA AND GRETCHEN! 

Good luck with your duck, Red.


Let's all just take a moment to relive that epic first meeting. 

From the sass, to the witticisms, to the refreshing honesty exchanged between these two stand-out women, I can only say that this had better be the start of a beautiful friendship. I'm pretty sure that Donna and Gretchen could conquer a small country if they really wanted to.

Alas, Donna put her powers to work elsewhere, plotting and planning Rachel's dream wedding. 

Admittedly, the wedding planner subplot was a little silly and not my favorite, even if it did give us the opportunity to hear Donna put on that outlandish French accent. All I can say is that I hope Donna gets a meaty story soon, preferably independent of Harvey's issues, so we can get a deeper look into her character this year.

There's still a lot of territory left unexplored with Donna, so it's high time we start digging in to her past. She might seem like she's got everything perfectly pulled together all the time, but those characters often have the juiciest secrets waiting in the wings.

The past will definitely be coming back to haunt us in the next installment, in more ways than one!

Not only will we get another peek at Louis' sister, Esther, next week, but Suits Season 5 Episode 7 also marks the return of Daniel Hardman.

This is your last chance to work with me. Take it, and you have a future. Don't, and you can go ask Daniel Hardman for a job.


If you wondered why Jack Soloff seemed to be gunning for Harvey and Jessica so hard this season, then wonder no more! He appears to be taking orders from the previously ousted Daniel Hardman, which is never a good thing. 

Is Hardman back for revenge? Will we finally get to hear all the dirty details about Harvey's mother? Sound off in comments below with your theories!  

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Privilege Review

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Suits Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Good luck with your duck, Red.


Why the hell should anyone ever trust you with anything?