The Whispers Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Whatever It Takes

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It's time to pick a side: Team Wes or Team Sean?

On The Whispers Season 1 Episode 7, Wes and Sean argued about who knows the best way to handle the rock.

At least, for the most part, the two of them are arguing about an actual issue and not over Claire, although I'm sure she factored in to it a bit. Who do you think had the right idea when it came to handling the rock - Wes or Sean?

Here's what I don't get. How do you not tell anyone who is guarding the rock that if the lights start flickering or go out, it's because Drill is here? Seriously, US Government, that was a stupid mistake.

I'm sure it's top secret and all, but if they got the job guarding the black site, the very least you can do is say, "If the lights start going crazy, grab your gun because the enemy is here."

Wow, would you look at that, if you get Sean talking in a safe environment about his post crash life, he will open up and tell you more about Drill, and what he experienced. This needed to happen episodes ago. Sean told the doctor about a vision he had. A vision where all the kids (and maybe everyone) was gone. This is what Drill wants.

But why?

Also, this doctor pointed out a big flaw in the logic that Drill wants everyone dead. Drill has helped people. He also could have short circuited our hearts if he wanted us dead. The doctor and Sean made a lot more progress than anyone else has.

They talked through things. Sean shared what he knew, and the doctor offered up her theories. It's about time this happened.

Compared to ants, we are a higher intelligence, doctor. And I'm guessing we must have seemed pretty intriguing to them too, until we invented bug spray.


It was great that we figured out what the rock was. This mystery wasn't dragged out too much, and the fact that Wes Lawrence figured out that the rock was a phone by being a detective was great. He made some deductions and put together clues.

There may have been applause when he figured it all out. Should we be concerned about this TV show, Justice, at all or is it just a coincidence that Minx and the President's daughter watch it?

Okay, now that the rock has been destroyed, where do we go from here? We're back to Drill being Drill, which isn't anything really new or exciting.

Drill's family needs to get here or Drill needs to suddenly start talking to humans and the audience. While the kids really sell the creepy aspect when they talk to Drill, it's not exciting anymore. 

I forgave you. I forgive you.


Sean and Claire are adorable and heartbreaking. It is so great to get the family element in there where Drill isn't obviously involved. Most of the stuff with the Lawrence's involves Drill now, and how to best protect Minx from him. At least when Sean was home for the night, it was more about the fact that Henry and Claire thought he was dead.

While Wes brought up how Claire couldn't trust Sean because of the crash, that never was a part of Sean's interactions with Henry. We had a normal, painful time with the Bennigan's.

Lena will do whatever it takes to protect her daughter. While it's a little more common for Claire to take risks and put herself in dangerous positions because she is FBI, it is not the same case for Lena. She has been brave. When Wes shut her out, she decided that it was up to her to protect Minx.

You've got to admire Lena for that.

No more games. Drill, I want you to leave my daughter alone, please. I'll do whatever it takes. Whatever you want just leave Minx out of it. Understand?


However, this deal with Drill does not sound like a good idea. If this was any other show, I would tell Lena to be a double agent and wear a wire the next time she talked to Drill so that the FBI could catch him, but Drill is an alien, so that plan is out the window.

If Drill keeps his word and leaves Minx alone, do you think Lena should do whatever Drill wants? Do we even think Drill will leave Minx alone if Lena complies? Minx seems like his favorite.

What did you think of the episode? Will Jessup obey orders and take Henry in? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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Whatever It Takes Review

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The Whispers Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

You have been involved with this thing, for what, a few days? You have no idea what you are dealing with. Mr. President, I lived with this thing in my head for three months. It is intelligent. It is a manipulative. And if you truly want to protect this country, you will blow this rock to kingdom come.


This is what I know. Without a doubt, it will do what it takes to get what it wants.