Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 4 Review: The Kinship

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The alternate reality is slowly, but surely wearing off of Chester's Mill. 

Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 4 continued to have me debating whether to reach for the remote and give up on this show for good. I just can't fathom where the show is going and if it will bare any significance to what has happened so far. 

The season opener really was a turning point for the show and now, we're back at square one, wondering what's coming next. Christine continued to disappoint. She wants to be the puppet master in all of this. She's effectively a female version of Big Jim.

Remember when the town feared him and they followed his every command? That's what's happening now with Christine. 

Memories of the Tunnels - Under the Dome

We can't forget that she's picked herself up a toy boy in Junior. Junior really has matured in many ways. He is one character who actually improved in the alternate reality and kept his new, better traits for the old world. 

I'm certain that when he realizes he is being used by Christine, that he will return to his former self. She's obviously using him to her advantage because he's the most easily manipulated person in Chester's Mill. 

Big Jim found himself in big trouble. He was taken hostage and almost tortured so he would tell Aktion where the egg is. I had no idea these people where anywhere near the dome. Maybe my mind is going numb because of all of the stupid filler being thrown our way, or maybe the powers that be have neglected to explain it yet. 

I did enjoy watching Jim rebel and actually try to save himself. It was a good idea to have Julia save him. It's clear that these two will be the ones to go out their way in order to get to the bottom of what is going on, even if that means putting their differences aside to work with each other. 

I feel bad for Julia. It must be so difficult for her to continue her relationship with Barbie, knowing that his heart is with someone else thanks to the alternate reality. I don't get why Barbie is implying that Christine is harmless. You'd think that considering what's happened thus far, he'd be more open to theories. I guess this could be attributed to him thinking he was becoming a father and all. 

He has a lot on his mind at the moment, but he never handled his argument with Julia very well. Julia had every right to have a go at him and I don't think she'll be making up with him any time soon. 

Sam's character has went back to being annoying. He had an opportunity to at least try and make amends with Joe. As much as I'm surprised that Joe was actually going to give him a chance, it disgusts me that Sam never met him,

"The Kinship" was another lacklustre installment. The show is clearly following a pattern every year by having a solid premiere, followed by a string of terrible episodes, before ramping up the action before the finale. At this stage, this is wearing thin and it's about time we got some solid answers and some storylines true to these characters. 

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What did you think of the episode? Are you over all the melodrama? What's next? Hit the comments below. 

Note: Under The Dome Season 3 Episode 5 airs Thursday July 16th at 10/9C on CBS.

The Kinship Review

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