Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Alaska

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The only thing missing at this point is for the domers to raise their fingers, point and scream.

You've all seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers, right? Tell me you didn't get that vibe on Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 5 when Joe and Norrie clasped hands and tried to make a run for it. We're dealing with some sort of pod people, alright.

Things are still clear as mud, but at least we know there has been another egg in another day in Alaska. That's why Big Jim was held captive and why the goons are in town and how Barbie's dad ties in and oh so much more! 

A Tentative Alliance - Under the Dome

The egg is not of this earth. Duh, but it's official. The whole Alaska bit at least laid out some information for us about the clean power source (and why it would be awfully important to the outside world) and why, even as exciting as the source could be, it's not something people want to thrust into the outside world without a little experimentation.

Apparently the egg infects people, causing them to essentially do whatever their leader wants them to do. Suicide seems to be a bright spot on the egg's agenda. Not only was it shown on a video from the Alaska file, but Christine used the tactic on Abby. Bye Abby!

Christine was on fire, manipulating people all over town. Her shtick is generally to say "we can't have people like that in the group, so you know what you have to do." She really has terrible people skills, if you think about it. The group could dwindle pretty quickly at that rate.

After Christine had "the sex" with Junior (was there a reason for it, because he seemed on board before; just pointing that out), he was doing all kinds of thug-like things for her. Others did it without sex. Hunter went to enlist Joe and Norrie in the pod group and fell off a roof, paralyzed. That's what caused the body snatcher-like terror the duo faced from the townspeople.

Barbie and Pete seemed determined to be fast friends, but by the end of the hour Pete tried to blow up Barbie, and Barbie had beaten Pete to death with a baseball bat. It seems Eva really is pregnant (or the egg's equivalent), and the spawn will take over for Christine. Or at least it would have until Christine's part of the experiment came to an end thanks to Big Jim and Julia.

It was pretty cool seeing Jim and Julia team up to take Christine down, strange as it was. Equally strange was that Jim suddenly had a great love for an adorable dog, Indy. He gave up his secret of smashing the egg to save Indy. Would he have even done that for Junior? 

Dr. Marston said Christine was the experiment and Jim was the control. Since those infected by egg are supposed to do whatever their leader says, does that mean they're going to use something to get Jim to lead the people to do what they want? Maybe they have a stock of the cocoon's oxytocin stashed, because it sure twisted Eva's mind around in seconds flat. 

Thoughts and questions:

  • Have they said exactly what it is that keeps people from being infected or how they're uninfected? Norrie snapped out of it. Is it love? Was Barbie infected by love at the end? I can't figure out the pattern.
  • There are three important red haired women involved with the dome. What's up with that? Did you know only 2% of the people in the US have red hair?
  • What are the blotty, dotty selves people see when they look in the giant amethysts? Is that their alien body snatchers? 
  • That scene between Christine and Abby about Abby's daughter was painful, but would any of us really want treat Abby any differently if we knew she drank her baby into brain damage? We might be quiet, but still judgy.
  • Am I the only one still surprised it's been three weeks since the dome came down? Now with the alternate reality, it's truly bizarre. I'd not be able to take alternate reality at face value like they all do. 
  • Indy really is a cute dog. Let's be honest. We all know Jim had it in him.

Under the Dome Season 3 is a hot mess, yet I still find myself pondering the damn thing after I watch. Shouldn't a show like this make you wonder what's going on and what's coming next? You have to admit, it's doing that right. It's what I want from my summer fare. 

Don't forget, if you've been missing it, you can watch Under the Dome online right here via TV Fanatic! Have a little guilty pleasure.

Alaska Review

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Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Christine: Everything that I do, that you and I do, will be for the good of the group.
Junior: Everything?

Christine: Don't you walk away from me.
Sam: I'm going back to Abby. She accepts me for the piece of crap I am.